How To Get Started In The Security Industry

It used to be possible and relatively easy to enter the world of security.  Anyone who knew how to defend themselves could get a job as security for a store or a bar.  Whilst this may often be seen as the bottom rung of the ladder it is the first step and can lead to other opportunities.  It is also an essential role which must be filled as door security is an essential part of everyday life.  In fact, security is an incredibly important issue.  Any security roles means ensuring the public feel safe regardless of what is going on; in many cases they do not need to understand what else is happening.

However, recent events on the world stage have led to a change in the way security personnel deal with matters.  Security firms like Northern Forces Security have established themselves as leaders in the filed through a dedication to providing well trained personnel for every possible type of industry role.  It has now been recognized that the range of threats posed at any one time are much greater than simply monitoring the crowd for pickpockets and trouble makers.  The advent of the internet and global terrorism has made it possible for almost anyone to create incendiary devices and use them to great effect.  Suddenly, proper security guard training is essential in order to minimize these threats.

Ways to Get Into the Industry

At the Bottom: It is possible to undertake a short security guard training course at a local centre and start working as a store security guard or similar.  Your responsibilities will depend upon the company which has recruited you and what you are needed to guard.  The course can be as short as just forty eight hours, assuming you will not be carrying a firearm.  However, this type of training course means that to rise to a prominent position within the industry you will need to undertake further security guard training and gradually move up through the openings available.  It is normal to need a fingerprint and drug check before you can receive a license.

Qualified: If you have already completed a degree, particularly in criminal justice and security or organizational security then you will be able to undertake advanced security guard training.  This will allow you to access the higher paid and more responsible roles; generally focused on organizing other security guards, assessing risks and being aware of the limits applied to this type of role by the law.  This type of position will provide the opportunity to progress rapidly although you may not spend much time actually working as a security guard.

Experience: Many of the best security personnel are ex-forces who understand how to deal with issues calmly and are used to taking decisions quickly.  There are many places which will happily provide supplementary training to ex-military personnel.  This training will centre on using your existing skills in the right way as you will be working in a civilian context.  This type of security guard training will prepare you for a wide array of roles, including guarding famous people.