How to Properly Balance Informative Content and Marketing Messages in Our Website?

There are different components that can make our website attractive. There are many layers of attractiveness that we can use on our website. It is important that we are able to state the purpose of our website clearly and upfront. This must be the first thing that we do, even before we make an online plan. Other steps are useless if we are not able to define useful purposes of our online presence. People will ask what is in the website for them that can be convincing enough. This will tell them whether they have landed on the right website. If we are unable to do this, they are gone.

Websites should give the ability for people to perform web searches. It means, they will be able to look for specific information. There are search modules that we can embed into our website and it isn’t necessary to create them from scratch. Search features should be displayed prominently and proper locations are usually at top right of the layout. They must be included as part of the header, so the search bar can show up on all pages. We should also add photos, because they can create connections. Images should be useful for people who are able to process information visually.

However, we should avoid using images that don’t create proper connection. In general, we shouldn’t add more than three images in a website. Primary, relevant image should be larger and placed right under the page headline. They don’t have to be excessively large, but they should be attractive. Items should be placed to keep people linger. Video and audio are two types of content that we can use to maintain interest, but we shouldn’t overuse them. However, good combination of text and images is still an inexpensive and simpler way to keep people entertained.

Many websites are built around articles and they should be able to keep people interested about specific topics. Websites may also contain different interactive elements, such as response forms, quizzes and interactive animation. Many websites also include shopping cart and they should be fluid. It is also important to give offers that are of excellent values. Newcomers should be given clear paths and they should be able to start using the website during their first visits. Every webpage should follow the 80/20 rule, 80 for information and 20 for marketing.

If people start to get interested enough with our information, it is a good idea to publish an e-book. Well-written e-book could be consisted up to 75 pages. They should be consisted of valuable information. However, our credibility is shot if people consider that the vastness of our e-book is only fluff. In this case, consumers should be given a way to receive more and more. In general, the information we provide should be fully focused. We may incorporate the automated referral system to help us sell our services and products. This will make it easier for people to look for our services.