How to Schedule Emails to Send Them Later in Gmail

If you are a working person, you might have encountered situations where you have write an email but you don’t want to send it right away. You want to send it later at a specific time.

In situations where time is very important this makes you wait till the right time to send the email.

Situations become even worse when you are working for a company which is situated in a foreign country with different time zone.

In some situations employees complete a task ahead of the deadline but don’t want to submit it or email it to their boss or team leader until the last minute.

Sometimes it requires you to wake up in the midnight to send an important email.
Sometimes you think of sending an email later but you forget it. This may have unwelcome consequences.

Don’t be afraid.

Scheduling emails to send it later is the solution for this problem.

If you are using Hotmail, you have the solution to this problem in your own hand.

Scheduling emails in Hotmail is a lot more easier than spending sleepless nights waiting for the right time to send emails or setting an alarm to wake up midnight and disturb everyone at your home.

Here is the step-by-step guide of how to schedule emails to send them later at the specified time of your choice.

Scheduling an email to send it later using Hotmail

Step 1

Write and compose the email message as usual. Click on create mail as shown in the figure.

Step 2

After finishing writing the email click on options. A window will popup with delivery options.

Step 3

Choose the do not deliver before option in the popped up window.

Step 4

Fill up the date and time at which you wish to send the email that you have written.

The email will automatically be delivered at the time specified by you.

Rescheduling the scheduled emails

You have already scheduled an email as per the above mentioned instructions but you feel the need of sending the email at a different time. Through Hotmail, you can do that as well.

Steps for rescheduling your email

Step 1

Go to hotmail and click on outbox.

Step 2

Choose the email that has to be rescheduled.

Step 3

Click on more options and under delivery options and select do not deliver before option. Click send, to send the mail right away

Step 4

To send the email at a different time, change the time and date in do not deliver before option as per your requirement.

Another way for scheduling emails

If you are using Outlook or premium version of Hotmail, you can proceed this way to schedule your emails.

Step 1

Compose or write the email.

Step 2

Click on options.

Step 3

Choose send later option.

Step 4

A window will pop up. Fill date and time at which you want to send the email.

Your email will be sent on the specified time.

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These are the two ways to schedule your emails to send them later at the time you want.
Once you have scheduled your emails using Hotmail perfectly, forget about them and do your work. They will definitely be delivered at the time specified by you.

Small tools help us a great deal!

Hope now you know how to scedule your emails in gmail. Do let us know your experience in the comment section below. Thank you.