Importance Of Score and Ranks In Entrance Examinations For Engineering Aspirants

If you are looking forward to pursuing engineering on completing your intermediary studies, you must prepare yourself for the engineering entrance examinations. The entrance examinations are designed to evaluate the knowledge of the applicants in subject areas, such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. As it is evident from the subjects on which you will be tested in the entrance examinations, it is a pre-requisite that you have a similar combination in classes eleven and twelve. In other words, only students who have opted for science stream can appear for the engineering entrance examinations. To help you understand the importance of rankings in engineering entrance examinations, the following sections of this write up, discusses some of the essential features of engineering entrance examinations.

  1. Online youth forums and engineering entrance examinations

If you check out the information provided by online youth forums, you will find specific details regarding the marks that you need to score in your board examinations and other eligibility criteria that you need to meet in order to appear for the entrance tests. Online youth forums that are set up and maintained by renowned newspapers, provide all the details that engineering aspirants need to know, regarding the various tech colleges in India. Moreover, since these youth forums are maintained by newspapers, you can rely on the information such as the rankings, infrastructural facilities of the individual institutes, placement opportunities provided and other such details provided by the forums. Here you can also learn about the marks and rankings that you need to score, in order to get admission in a renowned engineering college.

  1. Marks and rankings of engineering entrance tests

Most of the engineering colleges in Mumbai select candidates based on the scores achieved in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). However, scores that you receive in the JEE 2017, will not give any weightage, to the marks that you have attained in your class twelve board examination. In other words, the score that you achieve in the JEE will directly affect your ranking. Say for instance, you have a score range of three hundred and ten to three hundred and seventy, then your rank will range from one to hundred. This means you will be amongst the top hundred candidates, in the JEE. This will significantly improve your chances of getting enrolled in a premier engineering college. Similarly, if your score range is anywhere between two hundred and ninety to three hundred and three hundred and nine, then your rank will be between one hundred and one to two hundred. This too is quite impressive rankings and you will also get a chance to enrol in good engineering colleges in India. Thus, it is essential to understand the scores you need to achieve, in order to evaluate the rankings that you will get, depending on the scores.

  1. College selection

The rank that you have achieved in the JEE will be the primary determining factor, as to which college you can enrol in. Top notch engineering colleges will select candidates who have achieved high scores and hence, high ranks in the JEE. Thus, it is essential to prepare well for the JEE, if you want to achieve a high rank. Once, you have achieved a high rank in the JEE, you chances of getting admission in a premier engineering college will improve significantly.

Thus, for engineering students it is absolutely essential to understand the importance of both scores and ranks of the JEE. During your counselling, both your score and the rank that you have achieved will be evaluated, by the faculty. Depending on both of these factors the counsellor will suggest a suitable college and a particular department.