Importance Of Yoga For Body and Mind

Importance Of Yoga For Body and Mind

Yoga is a combination of exercise, spiritual awakening, relaxation technique, breath work, or even a form of living. The word originally means “union”, which could be the union of body, mind and soul. Yoga is an experience towards the kind of reality which is universal in nature. It is a disciplined which originated from the Hindu religion and is widely practised for the purpose of healthy life style and de-stressing.  Yoga is a holistic method of bringing together and balancing the three elements- body, mind and soul.

Yoga is an important discipline due to its various benefits and advantages. One cannot stop at a point as the list seems endless which is why it has now become a trend for people to not just learn Yoga, but to teach it as well- 200 hour yoga teacher training Centre in rishikesh is among many centres in India where such teaching is facilitated.

Yoga could be practised anywhere at any time according to your bodily and other needs.  It helps improve mental, physical and spiritual health of an individual.

The main benefits of Yoga are as follows:

  1. Yoga as a holistic development.

Our daily lives consist of workload, family pressure, daily mundane routines and other cores which really affect our work-life balance. It is important to give time to your mental as well as physical health as ignoring both can cause much harm in the future. If you have less time in hand to keep aside for your health, Yoga can fit into your schedule easily as it can be very person-centric and an easy method for anyone to begin a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Excellent way to de-stress.

Yoga helps us take a few moments off our time to reconnect with ourselves in many higher levels. It allows us to relax, breathe and keep aside all the stressors that have been affecting us and bringing us down. It restocks our energy levels and replaces the negativity into positivity with the help of meditation, posture exercises, etc.

  1. Improves flexibility and strength.

This is a given as yoga is an amalgamation of postures, exercises along with other factors. It helps in loosening of various muscles in the body and reducing pain and discomfort. It strengthens the muscle and the core and helps you stay fir in your later years.

  1. Improves immunity in the body.

Not only does it help strengthen the outer body, it plays a big role in improving the immune system of our body. It helps regulate the flow of your blood throughout the body, drains your lymph nodes which allows it to fight infections and other dangerous cells, thereby boosting your immunity power.

More and more people are practising yoga due to these benefits among several others. T is also a rising industry and has profited many as a teaching profession. One can get trained in many institutes and centres across the world, attend workshops and also be certified from places such as 200 hour yoga teacher training course in rishikesh.