Interesting And Amazing Facts To Know About Kerala

The southern western state of Kerala boasts of having several interesting and amazing facts that tourists visiting the state should know. It also is considered to be 100% literate, have the lowest rate of infant mortality, highest rates of life expectancy, offers top class health care medication, has the highest physical life quality, etc. It is also among the country’s cleanest state.

Some amazing facts to know about Kerala

The Kerala honeymoon tour package can be made all the more entertaining and exciting by knowing the given below facts. These are really jaw dropping facts with regards to the state that is sure to leave every traveller speechless.

  • Name: According to a popular theory, the name Kerala has been derived from the word Kera, which means coconut tree in the native language. Alam stands for land. Hence, it is known as land of coconuts. One can come across coconut trees in huge numbers. As per another theory, the name has been first recorded in the form of Keralaputra, meaning Cheraman or Cherathala makan in a rock inscription made by Ashoka, the Mauryan Emperor during the third century BCE. This inscription refers to Keralaputra, the local ruler, meaning “Son of Chera” or “Son of Kerala”.
  • Life and people: This state is regarded to be among the most developing of all states in the country, with respect to life quality and social welfare. It also takes immense pride of being among the country’s top literate state and boasts of having the best life expectancy including the least rates of child mortality, which is indeed a wonderful track record. Moreover, women literacy rate here is among Asia’s top, another interesting fact. The people here do enjoy better access to various types of job and business opportunities and have greater say in the governance. Moreover, it is from this state that majority of the eligible candidates are said to go abroad and more particularly to the Gulf countries.
  • Mythological origin: Hindu mythology states that this land had been recovered by Parasurama, Vishnu’s 6thavatar, from the sea using his axe. Therefore, this state is also commonly known as “Land of Parasurama” (Parasurama Kshetram). Legend has that Parasurama had thrown his axe over the sea. The waters of the sea is said to have receded up to the point where the beautiful state of Kerala stands. This new land area, accordingly to mythology extended up to Kanyakumari from Gokarna. However, the land that rose from the sea had been found to be filled up with salt that was quite unsuitable for habitation. Hence, Vasuki, the Snake king had been summoned by Parasurama. Vasuki spat holy poison on the land, thus converting the soil to lush green, fertile land. From that time, Vasuki along with all the snakes had been appointed as the guardians and protectors of this land.

From ages, Kerala did enjoy great importance in the country and played a major role. The people here and their lifestyle is said to match somewhat with the Bengalis of West Bengal.

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