Is The Pickup New Crossover?

Pickup manufacturers make these vehicles more compact and car-like, so possibly we are facing a revival of the compact pickup truck.

Pickups are very popular in Canada and North America in general. Last year among top 10 best vehicles on the continent there were four different pickups, GMC Sierra being the most popular one. Even with the lowest selling rate pickups here still leave all best selling cars far behind.

Apart from classy full-sized pickups their smaller counterparts begin to also grow in seller but so far to a lesser extent than the full-sized trucks. Statistics say that five years ago the popularity of many trucks including GMC Sierra was at the top and was compared only to the popularity of SUVs and crossovers, like Honda CR-V, of all times.

More modern designs, such as the midsize Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon or Toyota Tacoma, can offer much better driving dynamics and undoubtedly improved comfort and safety levels for both the driver and the passengers. There is no secret that drivers demand more and more from the industry every year so as a result the trucks have gone from utilitarian workhorse vehicles to cargo and family haulers. Most cabs of pickups have swollen in size subsequently after every generational makeover becoming closer and closer to car-like vehicles.

Last year there were sold roughly 25,000 pickups by GM (GMC Sierra), Nissan (Nissan Navara) and Toyota (Toyta Hilux) sold 25,000 combined. According to the automotive experts the pick happened because the vehicles became SUV or crossover like in terms of cabin comfort and several important driving features. For instance, the bolder designs were changed into luxurious interior and more car-like comfort of the cabin, the maneuverability of them was increased by cutting down the length of the standard vehicles.

Some experts at the conference for North America vehicles sales state that automotive sales will drop down in the upcoming years, especially because the number of imported cars will increase and consequently lower the local sales. However, the segment of crossovers (for example if you plan to get Honda CR-V) and pickups (like GMC Sierra) was, is, and will be growing because many North America plants will be retooled to manufacture those vehicles. Furthermore, the prices for these vehicles is planned to go down in order to attract even more buyers for trucks and crossovers, so there is no surprise that many manufacturers are willing to put a new twist on an old existing platform.

Manufacturers of Hyundai and Honda as well as Nissan and GM continue to renovate old-fashioned unattractive trucks design to attract new buyers. They downsize these cars and combine them with crossovers to offer the drivers best qualities of the combination. Some people still remain very suspicious and skeptic about the idea of making a pickup truck the next crossover in terms of popularity and functionality, but the latest statements of the leading truck manufacturers prove that this enterprise can actually become true and fill the North American marker with absolutely new vehicles in a couple of years.

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