Latest Bollywood Box Office Collection News 2016

Indian audience is becoming more and more exciting every year thinking that new movies will be something different and outstanding. There was a time in Bollywood when a movie used to be made within the budget of 1 Core and that use to be the highest budget, but these days time have completely changed, now a day’s 1 Core is the minimum budget for movies. Liking of people has also changed with time. These days’ people are much interested in Bollywood box office collection news. These days’ producers are spending lots of money, trying to make a good movie. By doing that they expect for a good and handsome amount of box office collection.

If we look back to the last year the movies which were made on high budget had a marvelous collection at the box office. The first name which comes in everybody’s mind is Baahubali: Though the beginning of the movie did not belong to Bollywood, but the way this movie performed at the box office must have shocked you. The visual graphics used in the movie were completely outstanding. Bollywood box office collection news always keeps fluctuating.

However the movie was not belongs from Bollywood so it will never count in Bollywood box office collection records, but the film doesn’t want any recognition because the film itself a recognition of a huge collection of 600 Corers at the box office. Not only this, the film is also an example of great expenditure, but in a good project. The film was made on the budget of 250 Corers including its second part which is not released so far, but whenever it will release it will only earn the profit because the film already had recovers its investment and yield some profit.  Bollywood box office collection news has a great impact on the fans.

 Some factors affecting Bollywood box office collection news:

  • The actor or the actress present in the movie
  • The director of the movie
  • The songs of the particular movie
  • Some reviews from the common people or the fans
  • The interest of the public in watching the movie

Some other movies which come in this list is Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which was a big hit last year. It came out to be the most earning movies of the year. It earned 626 Crores which is almost like a gem for the box office. It was made within the budget of 90 Crores, but the earning made it the blockbuster.

In this race Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is not lagging behind. It also did a massive collection of 432 Crores whereas the movie was made in the budget of 100 Crores which is definitely a huge amount. Some other movies which manages to top the box office chart is: Salman KHAN starer, Sultan, Amir Khan starer Dangal and Ajay Devgan starer Shivaay. These movies, also did wonders in the box office.

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