Monthly Maintenance Plan For Rental Power Generator: Complete Check List

Check out best- maintenance plan for rental power generator, with checklist and inspection planning.

A complete rental diesel generator maintenance plan has several important factors and activities to achieve excellent results related to preventive maintenance.

There is a methodology based only on optimizing costs and benefits in any transaction involving the maintenance plan of a rental power generator diesel.

Preventive maintenance usually occurs every month and is strategically programmed, previously defined by the contractor and the generator company.

In this post, we have separated a checklist with all the minimum items to be verified in the inspections, which are used as a reference for separate reporting in periods, demonstrating item for maintenance plans of diesel generators in operations with customers.

Monthly Maintenance of Rental Power Generators

When we talk about periodical maintenance of monthly generators, we mean that we have a battery of scheduled activities between the client and Company (Owner of Generator) that start from the moment of signing the referred contract. In this scheduled interruption, Company performs the following services and verifications:

Cooling System:

  • Check and correct coolant level
  • Check for leaks.
  • Check the radiator hose (clogging and leaks)
  • Check the fan (cracks, rivets, hub, loose spades)
  • Check belt tension and condition
  • Check hoses and system clamps
  • Record coolant temperature
  • Check leaks at a water pump
  • Control and regulate the need for water exchange and anti-corrosion
  • Check Fan Integrity
  • Check & clean air filter
  • Check & clean air pre-filter
  • Check & clean dust retention tray
  • Check the air filter: pipes, hoses, clamps and clean filter element.

Lubrication System:

  • Check and correct the lubricating oil level
  • Check hoses and system clamps
  • Check leaks for lubricating oil
  • Clean crankcase breather
  • Check and correct crankcase oil level
  • Check lubricating oil pressure.

Fuel System:

  • Check and correct the lubricating oil level
  • Check hoses and system clamps
  • Check leaks for lubricating oil
  • Clean crankcase breather
  • Check and correct crankcase oil level
  • Check lubricating oil pressure.

Intake System:

  • Check and test air filter restriction indicator
  • Check and clean air filter (replace if necessary)
  • Check the cleaning of the post-filter tubing before the turbine
  • Check leaks in an intake system
  • Check turbocharger clearance
  • Check external leaks, fix and maintain the turbine
  • Inspect air compressors.

Automation (Sensors and Peripherals):

  • Check the circuit and preheat operation
  • Check the electrical connections of the motor.


  • Check vibration dampers
  • Check obstruction of internal and external air passages (room)
  • Check elastic segment and exhaust conditions
  • Check general room cleaning and perform GMG cleaning
  • Evaluate abnormal engine / rental power generator noise
  • Check starter and electrical contacts
  • Check clearance on nuts and bolts of any mechanical system
  • Check belt tension
  • Clean engine


  • Check connection of battery cables and re-tighten terminals
  • Clean and apply Vaseline to battery terminals
  • Record the minimum voltage of the battery at the start of the motor
  • Record the voltage of the battery alternator
  • Record voltage from the battery charger.

Module Alarms/Events Log:

  • Record the last 5 alarms.


  • Check the rental power generator’s electrical connections
  • Record the voltage of the AN, BN, CN, AB, BC, AC phases of the generator
  • Record the frequency of the generated voltage
  • Check starter motor
  • Check the starter electrical connections.

Power and Control Board:

  • Check the measuring instruments on the frame
  • Check terminal, relay and contactor connections
  • Check indicator lamps & selector switches
  • Check QTA circuit breakers/contactors.

Generator Instrument Panel:

  • Manual start on the motor switch – test without load.

A Final Situation of the Equipment:

  • Verify completion of work
  • Select automatic mode
  • Clean and organize the room

Install Properly :

It is best monthly maintenance plan for Rental Power generator that companies should apply this. So the clients are really impressed and to renew their contract after 12 months.

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