Name Signal Description Drawback Dates and Important Points

As the types of ham radio DX  licence on hand have modified over time, and distinctive name sign series have been issued for each and every one, it could be complicated to establish what the callsigns imply without a desk and clarification.

UK beginner radio name signs over time a type of one of a kind ham radio name sign sequence have been used in the UK. By looking on the prefix and the number of letters after the prefix it is possible to inform the approximate years in which the licence was once issued, and also the fashioned form of licence. There were a variety of one of kind licences that have been available, and a distinct name sign layout was used for every amateur radio different sort of licence.

Basis Licence

M3 + three letters   M6 + 3 letters available from 13 may 2008

Intermediate Licence

Name signal description difficulty dates and details

2E0 + three letters issued from 1991 onwards as Intermediate licence. Issued as newbie class A licence from 1991 for use on all newbie allocations 2E1 + 3 letters Issued from 1991 onwards as Intermediate licence. Issued as beginner class B licence from 1991for use on novice allocations above 30 MHz

Full Licence

Call sign description hassle dates and details G2 + 2 letters 1920 – 1939

G3 + 2 letters 1937 – 1938

G4 + 2 letters 1938 – 1939

G5 + 2 letters 1921 – 1939

G6 + 2 letters 1921 – 1939

G8 + 2 letters 1936 – 1937

G1 + three letters 1983 – 1988 – at first issued as class B licence

G2 + 3 letters Twenties to 1939. Originally issued as “synthetic Aerial” licence

G3 + 3 letters Issued between 1946 and 1971. At first issued to beginner radio licence and sophistication A newbie radio licence holders.

G4 + 3 letters Issued between 1971 and 1985. Firstly issued to amateur radio category A licence holders.

G5 + three letters at first issued to overseas nationals as a type of reciprocal ham radio licence. They were withdrawn and either they used present home calls with additional UK prefix / callsign, or if relevant they would apply for UK licence.

G6 + 3 letters 1981 – 1983. At first issued as a category B licence

G7 + 3 letters 1989 – 1996. Firstly issued as a class B licence

G8 + 3 letters 1964 – 1981. At the beginning issued as a category B licence

G0 + 3 letters 1986 – 1996. At first issued as a category A licence

M1 +3 letters 1996 – . Originally issued as a category B licence.

M3 + three letters groundwork licence holders.

M0 + three letters 1996 – . At first issued as a class a licence

UK novice radio name sign prefixes additionally to the fundamental ham radio name indicators a form of prefixes are used. These no longer only indicate the country in which the station is placed, but in addition the style of station – a separate set of prefixes being used to denote whether or not the newbie radio licence is privately held via an individual or whether or not it is a membership station.

The schemes are specific for the M or G series callsigns and people within the 2X* sequence as the structure of the call indicators is rather different.


Call sign prefix country 2E England 2d Isle of Man 2I Northern Irelend 2J Jersey 2M Scotland 2U Guernsey 2W Wales