Necessary Documents For Hotel Check-In

Almost all of us have to travel distant places at one time or the other. Many of us have to stay in hotels that provide home like facilities. Getting comfortable accommodation by booking hotel in the Lake District or at other places requires reservation.

Persons staying in any hotel must carry the following documents for check-in purposes:

a. Proof of identification – This document is a must for the persons that go for check-in at any hotel. The hotel staff must be provided with the proof of identification. This is to prove that the person appearing for check-in is the same that has booked a room in the hotel. Identification proof in the shape of passport, driving license, ration card, ID card issued by the state, job card or other such document can suffice. Those appearing for check-in at any hotel should carry any of such documents and not get engaged in any discussion about the same. It is the responsibility of the hotel staff to ask for the same to avoid any fraud. Many unscrupulous persons are in the habit of committing dishonest deeds with fake identities. As such necessary and proper identification proof is a must when you go for check-in at any hotel. The hotel staff must be assured of one’s true identity for which proper identification is a must.

b. Proof of reservation – Those intending to stay in any hotel are required to make advance reservations for which a proof is given to them. This has to be shown to the hotel staff while the visitor goes there for check-in. This is necessary to confirm the genuineness of reservation and the true identity of the person that comes for staying in the hotel. Those booking the rooms through internet must carry hard copies of the reservation with them when they go for check-in at the hotel.

c. Discount card – Many hotels in the world offer special discounts to their clients. Those having the relevant documents must carry the same with them when they go for check-in at the hotel. The discount cards enable the visitors to avail the relevant facilities that are admissible to them. Such discount cards are meant for identification too.

d. Credit Card – Many hotels require the credit cards too for the sake of safety. Such cards are necessary for making reservations for hotel rooms. The hotel staff may need the same for check-in purposes too. Such cards may be needed for retaining in the hotel to meet some incidental charges during one’s stay at the hotel. Those carrying these cards are able to meet their own specific needs too in case of any emergency. Shopping needs can be met with these cards.

The above documents can be of great help in many ways. Anything can go wrong during your journey to any place. People interested to help you out would definitely be interested in knowing your identity. Likewise the hotel staff also wants to know about your identification while you are there for check-in.

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