What You Need To Know Before Cleaning Your Roof This Summer

To Know Before Cleaning Your Roof

Not all of us have mastered the art of cleaning roofs. Clearly, cleaning the roofs require knowledge, perseverance, and the right tools, and some of us lack one of these. Thoughtfulness is incredibly crucial for completing the task of cleaning roofs that apparently looks like a simple task; however, the task of cleaning roofs is far away from being simple, especially if you are not familiar with the tools of the trade.

In this article, we will put forward a list of fundamental roof related tips that will help you in cleaning your roofs this summer!

Tip #1 Check the weather conditions

Firstly, and most importantly, check the weather conditions and choose a cool and overcast day that has little or no winds. Such weather conditions allow the job of cleaning roofs easier and quicker, without causing damage to you and your roofs. Besides, during such a weather, the cleaning solution will soak deep into the algae colonies without evaporating quickly.

Tip #2 Know what chemicals are best for cleaning

Have a clear understanding of the kind of chemicals you would be using for cleaning your roof. Apparently, not all chemicals are effective. So ensure that you use only those chemicals that are effective and safe for cleaning roofs.

Tip #3 Always wear the right gear

In order to access the roofs, it is a good idea to wear sturdy shoes to avoid a fall. Opt for shoes that have good soles and sturdy ankle areas. Safety on the roof is of paramount importance for obvious reasons, and, therefore, make sure you have the right footwear for cleaning the roofs.

Tip #4 Wash the gutters

It is imperative to keep the gutter clean before you even think of cleaning your roofs this summer. Remember, when you are cleaning the gutters, use a gutter scoop to remove debris within the channels. In addition, lay a tarp on the ground that can capture all these debris. Ensure that you scoop out as much debris as possible without causing any damage to the gutter.

Tip #6 Employ an eco-friendly, low pressure cleaning method

Hire only those roof cleaning companies that use an eco-friendly and low pressure cleaning method to clean your roofs. This method will use only eco-friendly products that contain no toxic chemicals such as phosphates and chlorine-bleach that pollute water. Besides, the low pressure cleaning method will also not damage the shingles unlike in high pressure cleaning methods.

Tip #5 Go for a professional

Some of us residing in Beltsville may want to consider opting for professional services for roof and gutter cleaning. If your roof looks dangerous, or if you have a problem with heights, hire the services of MD roofing companies that can help you with your roof cleaning and other related needs at affordable rates.

A General Advice:

Cleaning of roofs is tedious and technical task that requires efforts and experience. Therefore, it is not recommended to clean your roofs without supervision unless you have done it before yourself successfully!