On Demand Warranty Technology For Large Fleet Services

What are the Challenges Facing Today’s Commercial Fleets?

The task of CEOs of large fleets cannot be easy. They are expected to balance the budget, ensure drivers’ safety, enhance drivers’ productivity, implement green fleet initiatives, and find ways to keep their heads above water, among others. Of all, the most crucial task of a CEO is to bring down the overall fleet costs even when both fuel and acquisition costs are going through the roof.

Fleets run the risk of suffering major losses when transports are pulled in for premature failure of parts or other breakdowns. Therefore, warranty management is very essential. Large fleets require not just GPS Fleet Tracking software but one that can help the large transport companies in cutting costs.

Fleet Management Solution

Fleet management solutions software are offered by professional IT solutions companies that provide services to the manufacturers of HVAC (heating, ventilating and air-conditioning) technology in vehicles and fleets, with the basic objective of reducing budget costs. The fleet management solutions are technology solutions that are capable of turning around a customer’s fleet business. The major thrust of the provider of the IT solution is not only on tracking your assets but also in ensuring that you are able to utilize your assets to the fullest while the cost of maintenance is kept low. All the while, the software will help in ensuring that business pitfalls are predicted and due corrective actions are taken well in time.

Things you should know

  • One of the key problem areas is fleet maintenance. Since huge fleets need to be maintained at all times, preventive maintenance is required as breakdown maintenance is both costly and time consuming. The latter also drags your profits southwards. In order to ensure that maintenance standards remain at the highest achievable level, various inputs are necessary. Some of these inputs include engine diagnostics details and the history of the assets. This information is essential for a viable maintenance schedule to be drawn up. Once the maintenance activity is in process, the work order is tracked. On completion, the details of maintenance history and other processes are recorded. Such thorough details help in providing warranty data.
  • The warranty management system provides an effective way of processing claims besides strengthening the reporting capability. Without perfect records it would not have been possible to offer warranty solutions on demand that bring about considerable savings in terms of both cost and effort.

Finally, the on-demand warranty solution offered on the cloud combines the expertise in warranty solution with the best practices in the industry. Such a solution is able to offer the perfect warranty management over the lifecycle of a project. This professional solution is easy to acquire without the need to invest heavily in either the infrastructure or resources.