Redefining Your Kitchen: The Cabinet Remodeling Options

Redefining Your Kitchen The Cabinet Remodeling Options

Remodeling the whole kitchen can be quite the task, but for those looking to improve the look of their kitchen without undertaking a complete remodel, replacing the existing cabinetry can bring an awesome effect for just a fraction of the cost. Still, when accounting for new cabinets, there are several aspects worth considering.

Design Type

When planning to refurbish your kitchen, you should first decide whether to buy custom or standard cabinets.

Going for custom cabinets can be a great idea as they can be designed and installed to meet your specific needs. On the other hand, customized cabinets can also be quite costly, which is why most people opt for standard cabinet models instead.

Cabinet Size

The depth and height of the cabinets will also influence the total cost you’ll have to incur. For instance, standard cabinets usually feature multiple rows of shelving, but it’s possible to choose higher and deeper cabinets for extra storage. Nowadays, larger cabinets (42 inches and above) are becoming increasingly fashionable in ‘luxury’ kitchens. In addition, most homeowners love cabinets that stretch to the ceiling and have ornamental trims for a prettier look.

There are several other features to consider when shopping around for stylish kitchen cabinets as well. ‘Lazy Susan’ cabinets, for example, may be perfect for homeowners who want something that maximizes space with rotating shelving. Soft-close cabinet drawers and doors are other amazing combinations to consider, depending on your specific budget.

Cabinet Remodeling Options

There are numerous restoration options you can adopt to transform your home’s outlook. However, they all vary in terms of cost and required volume of work.

Full Cabinet Refacing

This concept entails covering the cabinet’s face frames and sides with thin veneer and completely replacing the doors as well as the drawer fronts. This is actually the most pricey cabinet refurbishment option as it involves extensive work and labor.


This technique involves replacing only the cabinet doors. Though very simple, this procedure can bring a huge visual transformation since the doors are what you actually see first.

The main challenge here is finding doors whose colors perfectly match that of your cabinetry including the existing drawer fronts. Nevertheless, you can repaint your cabinets along with the replacement doors. 

Convenient Shelving

Another sure way to improve the appearance of your cabinet is to install pull-out shelves under the counter.  Caster shelves make it simpler to access items and will bring an instant upgrade to your kitchen.


This is where you just change the finish, with no veneering or door replacement. To facilitate the refinishing process, the cabinet doors are often removed temporarily. Two types of refinishing are available;

  • Stripping/restraining and painting.
  • Faux finishing and ornamental painting

In both methods, special paint effects are applied to your cabinets to make them stand out.

Plate Rack Installation

If your dishes are extremely pretty and you don’t wish to keep them behind closed cabinet doors, try placing a plate rack underneath the upper wall cabinets. This will not just add interest to your room but will also create some free cabinet space.


This incorporates a deep-cleaning and comprehensive touch-up of the already existing cabinet finish. With time, grease, oils, and dirt collect on your cabinets finish or the coating itself peels off revealing unattractive spots of bare wood. Reconditioning makes the finish look new and more appealing. It’s typically the cheapest refurbishment process and often the fastest and least invasive.

Living in Light

Add some grand task lighting and redefine the outlook of your kitchen with the amazing under-cabinet lights.


Installing crown moldings on the upper wall cabinets can give your kitchen a classic look for just a few dollars.