Services Offered by A Concrete Contractor

You may well have been looking at one particular piece of your garden or even your driveway wondering what to do with it and when you will be able to afford to get something done. Thankfully, you do not need to wait indefinitely, the solution may be simpler than you realize. There are concrete contractors in almost every town which will be willing to help you turn your undesirable space into something you can enjoy and benefit from in all weathers.

When the word concrete is mentioned you will probably envision a lump of gray, sat lifelessly staring at you. However the services and products offered by a concrete contractor are far more varied and impressive than the old fashioned image associated with the product.

Choose a Contractor:

You should always speak to friends and family for personal recommendations and keep your search local. Anyone living in the Birmingham area will be able to benefit from the services of Outdoor Construction Services LLC, as well as personal recommendations there are testimonials from satisfied customers on their website.

The Services:

Any contractor should offer a full range of services and finishes:

  • Site preparation can be completed by your chosen firm, or it can be completed by yourself. If you are doing it you will need to liaise carefully with your contractor to ensure your sub base is completed correctly. Doing it yourself may limit the warranty they are able to provide and you may find it cheaper to have them do it within the quote as they already have all the equipment needed.
  • Laying the concrete properly is a difficult job. Whilst anyone or any machine can add concrete to a hole in the ground, only a trained professional can get the right finish to make the area look perfect. Most firms should have the latest equipment and technology to assist them in getting the right result. Timing can be critical to ensure the area does not set to quickly.
  • Once the concrete has been laid the area should be protected from people and animals to stop your perfect finish being damaged.

The range of finishes is impressive and can make a huge difference to the look of the area:

  • Patio style is where the concrete is set to look like paving slabs. This requires precision tools to mark the concrete as it is setting, this can create a stunning effect which can later be chemically sealed.
  • Paint or stain; concrete can be painted any color you choose although it will need to be repainted regularly. It can also be stained a color of your choice.
  • Polished; this is becoming an increasingly popular option for home flooring as it is durable and easy to maintain. This can be used outside although it may be slippery in the rain.
  • Stamped concrete; this is a way to create a tile effect out of concrete by creating square shapes on the floor and alternating the colors.

There really is no limit to what you can do with concrete; in fact you may be surprised at just how good your area can look!