Football Magic Woos The World!

The popularity of football as a team sport remains unrivalled in terms of the number of spectators and participants anywhere in the world. Millions of these spectators around the globe never fail to grab hold of the opportunity to keep track on the latest updates and developments in the sport and their favorite football players. However, among these passionate football enthusiasts, a few want to go a step further in promoting the sport among the next generation by emphasizing on its inherent benefits. Jonathan Bunge is one such ardent football fan from Cleveland, Ohio who is doing his bit to promote this unique sport among the next generation.

Jonathan Bunge’s passion for this unique sport extends beyond his favorite soccer team, the Cleveland Browns and watching football league matches. In spite of being a professional in the transport industry and having to travel to different destinations, he still finds that time to indulge in this passion of expressing his views on the sport in his blog posts. Many people may find his writings in most of his blog posts and articles regarding the development of the sport and the need to popularize it among children to be educative and instructive. In his writings, he explains the importance of encouraging children to learn this unique sport at an early age by emphasizing on its inherent health benefits and the unique social skills that these children can learn.

In his articles, Jonathan Bunge stresses that children who learn and practice football at an early age understands the importance of discipline, hard work, preservation, cooperation and teamwork. Regardless of whether it is on the football field or practice sessions, these children may come across very hostile opponents and rough tackles but they learn to maintain their self-control in face of such hostility. Maintaining this self-control is equally important when these players have to pass the ball accurately to each other or search for a better field position. During such football matches, these children also learn the essence of teamwork in winning football matches. In their practices sessions and league matches, the participants learn that each member of the team has an essential role to play in spite of the fact that not all the team members have identical skill or abilities. However, trusting each other in critical in winning matches.

Jonathan Bunge is a strong supporter of youth football and advocates that society should encourage it at every level. He goes on to explain that this unique sport teaches children to face challenges and prevail over all obstacles in their paths to reach their goals. Even in real life, people have to face similar challenges that they need to overcome them to achieve their objectives. Moreover, these young football players also become aware of the importance of learning from their mistakes, rectifying them and moving on. These children also learn that it is important to improving themselves by constant practice and learning rather than being perfect. They also become aware of significance of winning and losing with dignity.

Jonathan Bunge’s writings contain valuable insights on how allowing children to play football can groom them into becoming successful, independent, productive mature and responsible citizens.