Solutions For Dandruff Problems

Solutions For Dandruff Problems

Dry and itchy scalp leads to dandruff and dandruff attack leads to embarrassment. People do feel very uncomfortable when they see white flakes landing upon their shoulders and clothes.

To get rid of this problem, one can use a good shampoo for dandruff and itchy scalp. But a few home remedies can also do wonders.

Regular stress, bad food habit and constant weather change leads to flakes in the scalp. To fight back flakes lemon juice is the best option. A mixture of lemon juice and olive oil can help you out from this problem. The acidity present in lemon juice helps to loosen the dry flakes from hair and olive oil adds moisture to the scalp.

It is better not to comb your hair immediately after wash. Wet hair has a high chance to get detangled and thus can lead to more hair fall. It is better to let the hair dry naturally. To comb hair, it is better to use a wide mouthed brush so that it can remove the tangles of the hair slowly.

It is better to sprinkle some water on hair before applying the oil. Then use a very light coconut oil and massage your hair gently for a few minutes. Leave it for an hour and then shampoo it off with cold water. Do not for to condition it, even if you have used oil earlier. One can also use oil creams if they are not comfortable with oil.

One can use homemade hair packs to treat their dandruff problems. Shikakai pack can be really helpful in this. For this pack, one needs curd and Shikakai as the main ingredients to make this homemade hair pack. Curd has goodness of milk and so in turn it helps the hair follicles to grow faster. Then there is shikakai which helps to reduce the attack of dandruffs on your scalp. It also protects your hair from growing split ends. One has to take half a cup of shikakai and half cup of curd and mix them well. Apply it on the hair strands and let it dry. Wash your hair well with cold water after 40 minutes.

One can use a bit of baking powder to get rid of dandruffs. For that, one needs to take a bit of baking soda and scrub it on the scalp well. Keep it for a minute and shampoo well to remove all the baking powder from the scalp. This can also keep the scalp clean.

Choose your shampoos and conditioners wisely. This is the most important thing to do. Check the labels behind the bottles to find the type of hair they are meant for. If you are not sure about your type of hair, then ask a hair expert about it. Go for sulphate free shampoos if you face irritation using them.  Always use shampoo ketomac, for dandruff problems.  It is always better to use the same brand when using shampoos and conditioners. Always use a conditioner whenever you use a shampoo.

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