Dutch braid is produced by linking three strands and adding more hair while you braid. It may be difficult at first but if you can see how it is actually done first by someone, you will think that it is much easier than you think. Don’t be confused with a Dutch and French Braid as it is very similar, however the former is adding hair on the underneath while the former is the added hair is over each strands; so it is basically the reverse of one another. For the clear tutorial of the basic Dutch Braid, see below details:

The Basic Dutch Braid Steps

Follow These Step-by-step instructions:

1. Prepare your hair; it can be dry or wet. Remove all the fly away hairs by slightly damping it with water. Brush your hair to remove all the tangles and to make sure that it is flat and no part. Decide if you want just one or two braids. If you want to have two or more braids, part your hair into separate sections. Separate your bangs if you don’t intend to braid them.

2. Gather your hair. Get some part of hair from the top of your head. If you wish to include the bangs, start from this part directly. Separate the part into three equal sections left, middle, right. This will be your starting base. Take the right section and cross it under the middle one.

3. Take the left section and cross it under the middle one. Repeat the pattern but now, add more hair into the braid. Take a part of the hair that is down from the right side and combine it with the right section of the base.

4. Do the same for the left side, take a part of the hair that is down from the left side and combine it with the left section of the base. Pick up every hair, even small strands. Continue doing the pattern up to the nape of your neck. Tie your braid with an elastic band and add a few mist of hair spray. and finished! Now, take a picture, video or what, and share it to your social media! Some of you out there may have been trying braiding but can’t seem to make a perfect look that they wanted to achieve. Here are some tips you can do to make change on your braiding game:

5. Braid slowly and carefully, no need to rush as rushing is equals to a mess. Always pull the braid strands firmly. Practice makes perfect.

6. It may take you half an hour if you just started trying braids, however if you regularly does it, you may then be able to finish it in just 15 minutes, or less.

7. Don’t reason out that you have a short hair, or curly hair, or thick hair. Braids are suitable for any type of hair. For thick hair, it is advisable to iron your hair first to make it flat and thin. For think hair, grab large sections of hair so it will look best.

8. To avoid poufs, tie the very top of your braid. Make use of bobby pins to secure short loose hairs Don’t force your arms. Give it a rest if it feels tired.

So folks, I think you get the info from these above steps and find the way to get dutch braid. You can also check Brazilian hair uk for more styles and tips. So if you like this article then please shares this content on your social media like facebook, twitter, instagram and other platforms.