Stage For Future Success For IT, OT and IOT Security!

Stage For Future Success For IT, OT and IOT Security!

Information Technology started with a scratch and now it has revolutionized each and every sphere with IT. Information technology (IT), Operational Technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IOT) are converging, creating new space for IOT and IOT has spread fast in almost all sectors from kidney dialysis to toll charges. The field of IOT is barging all sectors in its clutches after the amalgamation of IT and OT giving birth to IOT and the processes have become simple and easy but the question arises of IOT Security Assurance.

Previously IT and OT thought separately about the security concerns and took certain measures to secure partially, but the cyber attackers are sophisticated and well informed of the technology and they hardly care whether, it is IT, OT or IOT while penetrating into the system by any of the channels which they find uncomplicated to interfere and exploit. There have been incidents where they had halted the electricity for hours turning the city into doom of darkness and few more. The devices used for the attacks were simple such as a USB and the reason is expansion of IOT surface.

Companies require to alter the prevalent security system and manage from a single pane of glass converging all the spheres of IT, OT and IOT from a centralized location with a goal to secure security in the network.

Secure Remote Access

The internet bridges the gap of IT and OT and all the connected equipment and plants should have access from secure remote access.

Regular Updations

Regular updations with new updated tools is the need of the hour to update the security of IT, OT and IOT.

Diverse Protocols

Ideal protocol management requires dropping of separate tools for the IT, OT and IOT, the vendors should provide neutral tools to support and secure IOT.

Organization of Data

IOT is expanding exponentially and the stored data minimization should be the focus and solution should be found to minimize overflowing data and grip on data control.

Security by Design

The emerging IOT has increased the avenues for the cyber attackers and today the main challenging agenda for the organization is security concern. The solution opted should ensure security of all the devices at all levels and lifecycle.

Automated Detection and Configuration

Managing millions of heterogeneous avenues is a daunting challenge for the administrator. Management solution should permit automated detection, configuration and management of edge systems to save time and effort thereby securing the IOT Security Assurance.

Deploying Enterprise-Grade Solutions

Adoption of solutions which can cater to the requirements of both IT, OT and IOT and should be flexible in approach to add or change things on system on real time basis to pace up with the current changing challenges of business.

Solution of VMware

VMware dealing in infrastructure and management has advanced solution for security of IOT solutions which is prepared to cover up the security issues of IOT. VMware is aligning with organizations to provide IOT Security Assurance. The collaborations will enable the development and deployment of value-driven business strategies, IOT applications and projects designed to enable the amalgamation of IT/OT. VMware has rolled out tools the Little IOT Agent (LIOTA) to help enterprises start their IOT expedition in secured environment.


The VMware is certainly going to rescue IOT from cyber-attacks and will hold a promising future paving way for successful operations in all spheres of life. The contribution of IOT is endless and the world is thriving on its power.