The Comparison between Tempered Glass and Plastic Glass

Tempered Glass and Plastic Glass

The worst nightmare that could probably affect an iPhone owner is to crack the front screen display. The idea of owning an iPhone with a shattered screen is the hardest part to digest. Why wouldn’t it hurt, after the huge payment you made to receive your iPhone? You cannot control the events to protect your phone from cracks, but you can fortify your screen with an alternative such as a screen protector.

iPhone screen protectors are available in various transparent materials. These are usually made of tempered glass or plastic glass. Now, the pressing question is which material to choose for better protection? To answer that, we need to first know about both these materials.

‘Tempered glass’ as the name suggests, is formed due to temperature differences. The glass is first heated to a high temperature and then suddenly cooled to a lower temperature. This difference allows the glass particles to attain compression and tension both at the same time. Thus, it makes the tempered glass screen stronger than a normal glass screen.

The plastic glass, on the other hand, is a kind of thermoplastic available in the form of thin sheets. It is a silica-based substance. According to specific experiments, it is found that plastic glass can absorb the impact of a few heavy steel balls. They are very thick and can protect direct impact to the surface. Hence, both the materials have a set of highlights and challenges to overcome.

What are the features that decide which one is the best among them? This can be decided based on the certain qualities of the material of the glass itself.

Highlights and challenges:

  1. Tempered glasses are smooth on touch and can be easy to glide over the screen. The plastic screen is hard and a bit rough on touch. The appearance can be easily differentiated between tempered glass and plastic glass screen protectors.
  2. Is tempered glass protector entirely scratch-proof? No, they are subject to scratches and cracks. They even extrapolate to other parts of the screen protector and decrease visibility. Whereas, plastic glass protectors are a bit thicker and resistant to cracks. They withstand the damaged caused and protect the rest of the screen visibility.
  3. The durability of both types of glass is quite decent and can be suggested over normal glass protectors. Plastic glass screens are not durable for long periods. It is not as smooth as tempered glass and also diffuses along with the HD screen display over more extended periods. Tempered glass protectors cannot be reused but remain transparent even after long use.
  4. Plastic glass protectors are reusable and can be removed after a few days. But the process of removing the screens is tedious and messy. It leaves residual marks on the screen. Glass tempered screens are fit for one-time use. It is suitable for phones used for playing games that require multi-touch input.
  5. The cost of plastic screens is much lesser than glass tempered screens. But the quality of plastic screens depends on the cost of the screen which has a wide range. Many high-quality protectors are available at the same price in the form of tempered glass.

Hence, it is suggested that tempered glass screen protectors are used as iPhone screen protectors to have a stress free experience.

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