The Joy Of Exploring Sri Lanka Alone

The Joy Of Exploring Sri Lanka Alone

Backed by a rich and mysterious 3000-year history, Sri Lanka is teeming with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, stunning beaches, refreshing tea reserves, breath-taking biodiversity, and towns with a vivid and colourful culture. Without the distraction of another fellow traveller on your Sri Lankan voyage, you can indulge in many unique local escapades that will serve to vindicate your decision of travelling alone. Let’s find out.

Mingle with the locals in Colombo

Colombo, the forever buzzing capital city of Sri Lanka, is the perfect place to begin your solo adventure, and best experienced alongside the friendly locals. The people are utterly welcoming, and you’ll be treated to the hidden delights of the city such as bagging a bargain at the Pettah Market and the Duplication Road, or enjoying the popular night life and casinos in the city.

Trek to the World’s End alone

What can be more adrenaline-pumping than a 2.5 hour hike in the Horton Plains plateau to the World’s End, a sheer cliff with a deadly 4000 feet drop? Once you are at the edge and greeted with views of the Adam’s Peak, tea estates and the distant Indian Ocean, you will realise the grandeur of the world in your own company.

Biking around in Batticaloa

Batticaloa is a vibrant town situated on an island off the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. At your Batticaloa accommodation, ask for renting a bike, because the beauty of this place is best experienced on road. From ancient churches and fortresses to stunning lagoons, lighthouse and beaches of Kallady, zipping around town on a bike will leave you revitalised like never before.

Bathe with the elephants at Hiriwadunna

Elephants are the heartbeat of Sri Lanka’s forests, and if you happen to be in Hiriwadunna, then do take out time to visit an elephant orphanage. Spend an afternoon riding, feeding and bathing these gentle beasts.

Meditate at the Dambulla Cave Temple

The largest Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka, the Dambulla Cave Temple is adorned with well-preserved statues, ancient wall paintings, and an ambience of unparalleled tranquillity. Once inside the sanctum, close your eyes while sitting at a corner for half an hour, and you’ll discover inner peace you never thought existed in the hustle of the world.

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So, are you ready for the ultimate Sri Lankan expedition – alone?