The Role of Road Positioning in Safe Driving

Safe driving needs a few basic things from every driver behind the wheels. Among them the positioning of a car stands as the first priority in relation with other cars, beings and things on the road. It is a matter of visibility, synchronization and relativity among the cars, so that none bumps on the other and cause a road accident.

We discussed with the experts of the Ford dealer San Marcos about the importance of road positioning of a vehicle and how it is directly related to safe driving.

Positioning in Traffic

The way one positions the car he or she is driving can help others on the road to get the information about the way you wish to go. The indication is given through the car indicators as well. In normal driving situation anybody is supposed to drive through the middle of a lane to stay clear of the gutters but not so much on the road that oncoming drivers feel intimidated. Every car should leave enough space on the sides for cyclists and pedestrians on the left.

Maintaining the Distance with the Front Cars

In a congested traffic condition it just gets too difficult to maintain a safe distance from the other vehicles around you, especially from the one which is in front of you. It is necessary to prevent your car from getting involved in a frontal collision, if the car ahead of you suddenly stops or slows down. It is also allowing your own car brakes some time and space to respond to your inputs. So the ideal positioning there would be keeping a distance of about 3 to 4 feet in between the two cars.


The route you intend to take from a junction should automatically decide the position you should take. Even if you have to adjust within just a space for one lane’s width at any junction, you can easily adopt a position depending upon the way you want to turn, while still continuing to be there in the lane.

When you are about to take a turn from the main road at a junction, apply the car signals to let your fellow drivers know your intentions at their earliest. Then take up a right-hand position with the same approach. It is always better to stay close to the center of the road while leaving enough gap to turn through them, so that other drivers can have enough room to pass through your left.

Roundabout turns

At the roundabouts, the positioning of your car becomes all the more important. Though it is almost similar as that junctions, the best approach towards taking the right position will be driving through the left-hand lane while staying in the outer lane of the roundabout.

Overtaking Strategies

According to the Ford San Marcos dealership experts, for every driver the need to overtake comes at some point of time. It is to speed up our journey, when the cars at the front are not picking up the desired speed. But that is the time when we should be extremely careful about adopting a position so that it should not only be us who can see down the road, but even others can see us before they accelerate. That would prevent all from meeting with a sudden collision and its gruesome consequences.

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