Tips For Preparing The Expert Witness

Tips For Preparing The Expert Witness

Working with the Expert Witness

It may be a challenge to work with the expert witness. The seasoned attorney would like a persuasive testimony to be delivered. A touch of creativity may be needed to avoid unnecessary issues. It will not be appropriate for a witness to allow their expertise or their ego to place a block within the testimony. The witness preparation consultant Ft. Lauderdale can provide some useful tips to prepare the expert witness. Working with a witness will be a smoother process with a few good preparation tips included.

Useful Tips

The witness preparation consultant Ft. Lauderdale does have experience in expert witness preparation. The following tips will prove beneficial in the preparation of the expert witness. These tips include:

* incorporate a few witness prep sessions to reinforce their testimony. Have the expert witness actually practice verbalizing their testimony in front of a mirror when they get up. These sessions can be practiced in the in the mornings or before going to bed. Reading a theme out loud and watching in the mirror will help the expert to be more comfortable. This will allow them to view their own body language and see their gestures.

* foster direct and honest communication; a juror will prefer a direct approach. If the witness does not know the answer to a question, directly stating “I don’t know” will be better than avoiding the question. Honest communication and a direct answer should be encouraged

* the problems must be identified; when the problem is determined, a solid plan can be put into place. Decide what the witness will need to work on. Why do you need to work with this witness?

* assist and improve on the delivery by preserving the relationship; every attorney must maintain a honest relationship with the expert. A positive relationship will be beneficial.

* be aware of any damaging information

* be certain that the expert is informed of all facts

* it is a good idea to create a few presumed issues so that the expert is fully prepared to answer any type of question

* instill confidence and foster a positive impression

* determine if any aids will need to be brought to the deposition

Preparation is Vital

Preparing an expert witness prior to the deposition will be vital. Confidence will be instilled with added preparation. The time spent on preparing the expert witness is sure to be a great investment.