Nowadays yoga and houseplants are taking place more and more in our life. Because people are more concern about there health and wellbeing and they are also curries to know about

Health benefits of houseplants, therefor houseplants are playing a great role in the improvement of health.

I have NASA report on houseplants and I would love to tell you that houseplants help to clean the air in your home, improve your sleep quality, improve your mental focus and concentration and in general improve your life also.

 In the earlies 1980s, NASA found that the soil for every houseplant they tested in their specific chamber environment did capture and fix sufficient air pollutants to make a remarkable difference in the overall air quality. The scientist had also found that there is no indication that any particular plants had a different effect. Further, the soil in pots in your home is also not very sufficiently exposed to the air affect your home’s air quality.

But there is a piece of evidence from many other tests that plants do have a big impact on our health by dramatically reducing our psychological and physiological stress when we are near plants, either indoors or outdoors. And now, with most people spending an estimated 75% of their daily life indoors, the importance of houseplants is that they are easy to grow and care for is greater than ever before.

There is also evidence that the presence of plants can boost your attention span, says by Journal of Environmental Psychology.


Aloe vera

An aloe vera is evergreen succulent plants. It is originated from the Arabian peninsula and spread all over the world day by day. It has a top list in houseplants. Aloe vera is used in cosmetic, skin, juice and many more products. Aloe vera is well known for the benefits of the gel produced and stored in its thick, fleshy leaves. This aloe gel is used for burns, It can be used as a hand sanitizer and even aids digestion. The aloe vera has many varieties, and all are very easy to place indoors. Provide aloe vera bright and indirect light, and be sure to plant in a succulent or cactus potting mix. Give proper care for better results.

Epipremnum aureum

It is flowering plant species, Epipremnum aureum is very famous for houseplants. It is famous as a money plant in many Indian subcontinents. It stays green even in dark places also. Avoid direct light and give them nourishment and well care. It plays an important role in your house.

Sansevieria trifasciata

It is flowering plant species it belongs to West Africa from Nigeria east to the Congo. This is evergreen plants. It is commonly known as snake plants. This plants exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide and this is only present in this small species plant. It is a fine architectural element to add in your any room. Give water just once every 2-3 weeks. It is a great choice for interior decorator and for beginners also.

Chlorophytum comosum

It is commonly known as spider plant, airplane plant, chicken palnt. Spider plants look their best as either a hanging plant or in a container, It shows off the foliage and the trailing baby plants. Very easy to grow, these plants need bright and indirect light but it will continue to grow even in dark conditions. Provide ample water, but a healthy spider plant will continue to flourish even missing a few weeks of water. This plant is a good houseplant for beginners.

Dracaena fragrans

It is a flowering plant species that is native throughout tropical Africa, Dracaena fragrans, often called corn plant or mass cane plant, it is a famous houseplant that is very easy to grow. Wide, lush leaves are variegated with a lighter green flare down the center of each leaf.  As the name implies a botanical the flowers, when they form, are incredibly and wonderfully fragrant. It only needs bright and indirect light, water only moderately and gives a short drying time between waterings.