The Different Ways Of Mixing and Matching Textures and Prints In Outfits

Technique of mixing and matching different textures and prints is gaining popularity among fashion conscious masses as this trend is hit in this current season. This is the best way to give your outfit best fashion moments along with some interesting depth. It also enables you to extend the versatility of your wardrobe. If you do it correctly, you can get amazing look with this technique. The different ways to mix and match different textures and prints in your outfits includes –

Balancing the Scale of Patterns –

If you want to achieve an elegant balance in your outfits, you will need to master the mixing technique which includes learning the balance between patterns, themes, colors and scales. Prints also plays an important role in empowering your body silhouette since vertical lines can make your figure look slimmer while horizontal lines can make it look wider. Large patterns can highlight your outfits while small prints can give you more subtle appearance so that you look elegant and attractive.

Mixing of Patterns with Similar Colors –

If you want to achieve modern and elegant balance then you should opt for patterns in same color family. You can also use different accessories along with your outfit to give it a different edge and look.

Highlighting Prints and Pattern Mixing –

You should look for an attractive pattern along with more subtle and smaller pattern. Than opt for highlight prints that are large, vibrant and super bold, which includes many colors and prints. Now you can combine your prints and patterns to look good.

Pattern Mixing with Printed Shirts or T-shirt –

You can use fun themes and pictures that come on t-shirts or shirts as you can combine them with printed items with similar color tones. You can also play with colors and textures by creating your own personal style that is chic, cute and casual for enhancing the overall look.

Same Theme Pattern Mixing –

You can mix different patterns like floral with floral and stripes with stripes. As you can use common basic patterns. It also gives you the opportunity to use different colors, themes and patterns to get perfect look that you desire.

Pattern Mixing with the Right Accessories –

Pattern mixing is not only about the combination of two different colors but it is also about playing with different accessories for getting different prints on your outfits. You have the option to use printed scarves, shoes, cardigans, hosiery and bags which can offer more subtle look.

Enhancing your Look with Pattern Mixing –

You can use large and small patterns for enhancing your best assets and concealing your flaws but you have to select patterns carefully that can complement your look to make you look attractive and beautiful.

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