Top Places That Can Be Visited In Dubai by The Aspiring Tourist

There are many cities spread across the globe that are said to be attracting tourist in huge numbers. But the one that is found to be enchanting even after being located in the middle of the expansive desert in the Middle East is Dubai, which is also known as the magical city and a tourist hub.

Life in Dubai

People in Dubai are known to be friendly and live life in luxury and comfort. It is a popular place for tourists to venture, since the climate favors tourism throughout the year. Those who are looking to escape the cold winter can find it to be a real sunny paradise. When it comes to availing luxury and spending time in malls and shopping, then Dubai undoubtedly occupies the top slot. According to the travel experts, this city is rightly stated to be the world’s most extravagant city, personifying life ‘king sized’ living.

Moreover, there are various things created in the city that tops the world and also being the biggest. It is dotted with numerous manmade wonders and is under constant development to make it much more beautiful and enchanting. There are several projects, which are lined up, which is actually being watched by the whole world with bated breath. This city is one of the 7 UAE countries, which has been shaped like a palm tree. Since it is crowded throughout the year, the aspiring tourist needs to book tickets much in advance to avoid last moment disappointment.

Few places that does need special mention

  • The Dubai Museum: This museum is considered to be constructed in 1787 and is the city’s main gallery. More than 2000 guests are known to visit this place regularly and the yearly turnout is over 7, 00,000 visitors. The purpose of having this historical center to be opened was to showcase the Dubai Emirate’s customary lifestyle. Ancient artifacts can be found here compiled from the nearby continents such as Africa and Asia that tends to make it quite intriguing.

  • Wafi City: It is slated to be among the most exciting of all places to visit when in the city of Dubai. This complex tends to incorporate shopping center, eateries, lodging, club and habitations. All dividers are stated to be the shade of light cocoa stone which could be found on almost every structure of ancient Egypt.

  • Dubai Fountain: The construction of this fabulous and world’s largest water fountain was undertaken by a reputed organization based in California that was in charge of Wellsprings. It is located on the Burj Khalifa Lake and is regarded to be Downtown Dubai’s focal point.

  • Burj Khalifa: Before it was introduced, it had been named Burj Dubai. It is the tallest man-made building in the world and is indeed an important tourist attraction that lures people in millions to come down here to visit it and to stand on its observatory point to look at the expansive desert and the entire city from all its sides.

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