Traveling Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

Traveling Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

Traveling is the most beautiful part of one’s life. It fills our life with thrill, happiness and lots of imagination. Journey is about traveling and discovering new things. It brings hope and happiness to our lives. We travel to get lost in the new colors of nature and to take a break from our daily routines. Traveling becomes much more adventurous when it comes to travel with a fixed budget.

When to Book the Tickets?

I had a fixed amount of money in my pocket and the first step was to sepnd it wisely. I planned to book my tickets during the offers given by the airlines. Different airlines start many bumper schemes for a limited time period in which they sell the tickets at the best possible cheapest prices. Social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. makes us aware of all these offers. I did that exactly and booked my tickets almost for free.

Why To Go For Public Transport?

Every country has its own domestic transport system and a true traveler knows how to make it a lifeline of one’s journey. It is the most comfortable, enjoyable and budget friendly mode of commutation. I did a detailed research on the different routes of the public transport buses and commuted to different places using them. Using the city transport was one of the best experiences of my holiday. I met different people in the buses who proved to be my best guides as local people are the best guides of their city.

Where To Stay?

I had done my homework and knew about the areas where the hotels or hostels were located. I stayed in a very decent room in a hostel and saved a few bucks. I was traveling alone, so was not able to take the benefit of hotel family packs. But many hotels offer family packages and it’s the best deal for staying while having a vacation with the family. One of my friends took the advantage of the offer and stayed in one of the best hotels in the city with totally economical prices.

When And What To Eat?

It is very important to have meals at the right intervals of time while having the tour. The locals helped me the most in finding some of the best, reasonable and traditional eating joints. I always made it a point to have my food at the eating joints which fell in the way while exploring the city. As a result, my eating time became my resting time also. I tried the traditional food at the infamous and old points as they serve the best local cuisine.

How Can You Make Maximum Of The City?

Hiring a cab for visiting different attractions of the city is an expensive affair. Moreover, parking is another issue. I prioritized my places which I wanted to visit and booked the tickets for the city tour bus in advance. It was pocket-friendly also. City tour introduced me to the beautiful spots of the city. It is also a good option, if one is short of time as there are many city tours which provide an overview of the city in just one day. As in San Francisco, San Francisco City Tour makes one enjoy the beauty of this wonderful city in just one day and that too at reasonable rates.

Traveling with limited bucks in my pocket made my trip full of excitement and the most enjoyable trip of my life.