Tu Aashiqui 3rd December 2017 Full Episode Latest News

Tu Aashiqui 3rd December 2017 Full Episode Latest News

Colors programme Tu Aashiqui is presently planning to showcase a significant twist within the plot as Pankti can enter JD’s house along side Ahaan and JD are going to be extraordinarily finite to envision her as he can worry that his truth are going to be exposed.

In the current track of the show it’s seen that Ahaan finally involves understand the reality that his own uncle JD is Pankti’s wrongdoer and is liable for creating her life hell. Ahaan is shattered and cuts his radiocarpal joint in distress. Pankti reaches Ahaan and is appalled seeing Ahaan’s condition and she or he consoles him. Ahaan is humiliated of himself thanks to JD however Pankti makes Ahaan commence of his guilt. terribly presently viewers can get to envision that Aparna and Sheetal can realize Ahaan and Pankti along late within the night and that they can raise Pankti to come back to their house for the night.

Pankti are going to be helpless and she or he can need to come back to JD’s house though she’s going to be extraordinarily nervous. once JD can see Pankti in his house, he are going to be extraordinarily afraid concerning the results {and can|and can} worry that Pankti will reveal his reality to his mate Sheetal. Moreover, Pankti too is incredibly afraid and nervous and fears that the reality concerning her and JD’s affiliation are going to be identified to all or any. can Ahaan reveal JD’s reality to his family? What new drama can unfold as Pankti stays in JD’s house for a day? keep tuned for up to date news, future story updates and spoilers on Tu Aashiqui.

The future twist of colours programme Tu Aashiqui can show that Pankti can finish all hopes of her story with Ahaan and can submit herself utterly to evil JD. when JD puts oversubscribed stamp on Pankti, Pankti realizes that she will be able to ne’er be Ahaan’s lover as JD has complete rights over her. Ahaan desires to grasp the reply of his love confession however he gets an enormous shock once Pankti tells him that she is oversubscribed off and belongs to somebody else.

Ahaan is confused by Pankti’s words and isn’t able to believe her. Pankti makes it clear to Ahaan that solely her owner has rights over her and Ahaan thinks that Pankti is creating up false stories to reject him. Ahaan cannot believe Pankti’s words Associate in Nursingd claims that she is simply doing a drama like an previous film heroine. However, Pankti makes it clear to Ahaan that she belongs to totally different|a special|a unique|a distinct} world and is incredibly different from him.

Moreover, Pankti tells Ahaan that she would have rejected him even below traditional circumstances as he’s terribly immature. Pankti lies to Ahaan that’s he’s greedy for cash however Ahaan cannot obtain her very much like he’s solely a writer and singer. Pankti create Ahaan believe that she solely desires cash and she or he asks him to search out Associate in Nursing innocent woman World Health Organization doesn’t have love for cash.

Pankti has done all this simply to create certain that Ahaan forgets her utterly and moves on. Pankti ends all hopes of her love with Ahaan however it’ll be attention-grabbing to envision whether or not Ahaan forgets Pankti or fights for his love. keep tuned for up to date news, future story updates and spoilers on Tu Aashiqui.

Tu Aashiqui Full Episode