Vertical Blind Installation For Difficult Windows – Some Insights To Gain

Vertical blinds are ideal to be installed at homes and offices. These are found to be ideal in controlling the level of sunlight getting into the rooms as well as to help protect privacy. At homes with large-sized windows, it is a major difficulty that sun can really pour in and these rays get magnified when passing through glass. It is good to enjoy this during winter months, but not so welcoming during summer days.

It is not just all about the heat you need to suffer, but sunrays can fade the color of your walls and also damage your furniture. Exposure to hot and bright sunrays continuously can damage chairs, sofas, and other such items with sensitive upholstery. Vertical blinds can offer an effective solution for all such issues by keeping the sun completely out. Vertical blinds can be highly energy efficient and also offer adequate protection to your furniture to save your time and money.

Functionality of Vertical Blind

During the peak summer moths, vertical blinds can help save energy consumption up to 20% by cutting down air conditioning costs. Similarly, vertical blinds can also save money during winter months by not letting the heat inside to escape. With all these, you can save your time and money spend for room heating.

Installing vertical blinds can also prove out to be good for your health. Vertical blinds can effectively keep the rays of the sun out and reduce any possibility of you getting headaches or eyestrain. With the option to custom control the light, your rooms will be perfectly lit for reading and study. Vertical blinds can also effectively cut the glare while watching TV or using computers.

Choosing Vertical Blinds

While buying vertical blinds for home or office, you need to remember that there are various choices available in terms of slats, which has a lot to do with the functionality of the blinds. The major options are as below;

  • Aluminum slats – You get a large choice in colors and styles of aluminum slat vertical blinds. Aluminum is also easy to clean and maintain when compared to other materials. However, when it comes to durability, aluminum may get damaged easily and there are also chances of slats bending overtime.

  • PVC / plastic slats Vertical blinds with PVC or plastic slats offer a more practical approach and simple décor. However, as you know, plastic has some environmental hazards and also less durability. PVC is another best choice, which also has some a few issues like releasing some harmful agents, which are used during the production. These are however easy to clean and good quality PVC slats can be maintained easily.

  • Fabric Vertical blinds made of fabric are also very popular, which can offer excellent décor and plenty of colors. These are less priced when compared to other materials and the stitch-bonded fabrics make these blinds affordable to all . High quality weaving fabrics are also used to make such blinds, which can add a lot of elegance and functionality to your window shading.

Vertical blinds can also notably reduce the damages due to UV rays from sun. By effectively maintaining the room temperature, your need for custom cooling and heating get reduces and this is an ideal motive for many who chooses vertical blinds as their primary window shading option.