Confused About Aluminum vs. Wooden Blinds? Here’s The Key

Many people are just bothered about the color while choosing blinds to be installed at their home windows and doors. Color of course plays vital when it comes to the overall aesthetics of the room interiors is concerned, but this should not be the sole criterion to do final selection.

When it comes to practicality and endurance, you have to consider the materials used. If you look at Venetian or vertical blinds, which are the most popular blind options, you may see two major material options as aluminum or wood.

Aluminum vs. wood

Further, we will discuss the major pros and cons of each of these materials so that you can do a custom comparison and identify the best possible choice to make.

  • Wood: Wood is the most traditional and aesthetically pleasing option when you think of blinds. Being natural, wood blinds can ensure a classy look as well as there are many customizable options also to choose. There is nothing to replace the beauty and quality of natural wooden blinds.

    • Wood looks better: Wood can get a better finish than any other synthetic material and can also custom cut based on the needs of the customers. There is no better finish than quality wood to your room interiors. Wood can also go well with both traditional and modern looking room décor and better match to any furniture and flooring styles.

    • Wood is expensive: Considering all the types of blinds, wood is the most expensive. Even though there are cheaper varieties as faux wood, original wood will cost more. Various types of hardwoods are used for blind manufacturing and these are available as ‘with hole’ and ‘hole-free’ varieties serving various purposes.

    • Wood has more life: Wood blinds may last longer if you take care of the basic maintenance aspects properly. There are many styles of wooden blinds available , which you need to adequately treat to ensure extended life and beauty.

  • Aluminum: Aluminum is the best option you can think of on looking for an alternative to costly wooden blinds. Aluminum blinds are now widely used at home and office settings, which are easy to install and maintain.

    • Aluminum is water resistant – A major advantage of aluminum over wooden blinds is that it is more resistant to water and moisture. So, these are ideal to be installed at high humid spaces as bathroom and kitchen.

    • Aluminum is lightweight – Aluminum, in general, is a light weigh metal, so the blinds are easy to install and maneuver. This quality also makes aluminum blinds ideal to be installed at large expanses of space covered with glass.

    • Aluminum offers a lot of colors – Real wood blinds come in only in a limited range of colors, whereas aluminum can be painted in almost any color you can think of. So, interior designers prefer aluminum blinds, which can go well with the other elements of home décor and offer a perfect blend.

Conclusion: As you are now aware of both wood and aluminum blinds now, further things to consider are your budget as well as the specifications of the area where you want to install the blind to choose your best option.

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