Water Heater Repair – Is Repairing Your Water Heater Worth The Price?

Most of us do not know the intricate details or have any knowledge about water heater repair. Eventually, we would be faced with this conundrum; no water heating unit would last till eternity. You would have to decide between a fix or an outright replacement. However, the right decision depends on the cause of the breakdown. Here is a list of problems and possible solutions.

  1. Leaks : leaks are most times very minor issues, and do not always require the expertise of a professional. Some of the places to always inspect when your water heater starts to leak are the drain valve, the pipes or tanks. In the event that the problem is traced to the drain valve, simply tighten the valve and the leaks should stop. Inspect pipe fittings and joints to solve leaks from the pipe; you may need a replacement if the pipe succumbs to forces of corrosion. Plumb Perfect Plumbing is your number one contractor that offers the best plumbing options and solutions for the plumbing problem at hand. Having this water heater repair service done by a professional is inexpensive, but if you are quite handy you could do it yourself. Finally, if the leak is coming from the tank, the most appropriate solution here would be to go for an outright replacement.

  1. Water is usually too hot or too cold : In the event that water is usually too cold or too hot, the problem is usually caused by a faulty temperature pressure relief valve. The pressure relief valve’s primary function is to shut off the heating element once the water reaches a specified pressure. A faulty unit can cause burns if extremely hot water is produced. Your best bet here is to call a licensed professional to have a look at your heating unit. Do not attempt a DIY approach on this one.

  1. Pilot Light : if the pilot light goes off abruptly, the best place to look is the orifice. Make sure you remove accumulated debris gathered in it. The problem could also be with the thermocouple. If this is the case, replacing it with a new one is rather inexpensive. If you are handy, you can have it fixed.

  1. Water not hot enough : If you always get lukewarm or cold water, then your heating element is probably broken. A repair is not advised here because heating elements are quite expensive and you do not want to take the risk of having to repair it and it breaks down again, rather replace the entire heating unit with a new one.

Keep in mind that if your heating unit is more than a decade old, you should be thinking of getting it replaced. Newer models have great efficiency and power saving options that would save you money on your electric bill. If your heating unit is fairly new, then a water heater repair is advisable.

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