Wedding Sarees For The Big Fat Indian Weddings

Wedding Sarees For The Big Fat Indian Weddings

Marriages are always special events in people’s life. With all the great pomp and pleasure, marriages are the most the most important programs that occur in a person’s life. But Indian weddings are something extra special. They are one of those occasions when every single girl of India is treated as something extra special. The weddings do not only work for a family reunion but also work as a place where all the ladies are the primary point of focus. It is not only a special occasion for the bride and groom but also for their family members and relatives. As a result, everyone prefers to wear attire that would attract everybody’s attention. So for a wedding, sarees are the best option as they bear the culture and heritage of India.

Since marriages in India are special and can be termed as big and fat, so the makeup needs to be something special; especially for the case of the bride. In fact, she is the main point of attraction, so special care must be taken for her makeup, without any fail. With the marriage season going on, there is quite a rush for the special bridal makeup for the fat Indian weddings. As a result, the demand of sarees is increasing. Every girl prefers to be looked special on her wedding day. The preparation for the big day starts quite a few months prior to the main event with selecting the fabric and color of the saree and the jewellery to be worn on a special day.

Demand for Marriage Makes up Sarees


When it is about the bridal makeup, Kanchipuram silk is the most demanded saree. When the bride is up for her special makeup, the weather should also be kept in mind. Because it’s winter, women have a wide variety to choose from. They can choose from a wide range of velvet fabric to fabrics of fine Resham embroidery. Even colors have evolved through the years. Red or maroons are no longer the traditional wedding dress. Girls have been experimenting with different shades of pink. To enhance the makeup, ladies are opting for white gold jewellery. Even vintage jewellery is also gaining popularity such as chokers, gem rings and brooches.

Options of Sarees to choose from

But as everyone knows wedding ceremonies are not a single day job. There are quite a few preliminary functions such as sangeet ceremonies that require quite some attention. In recent days apart from traditional sarees, women are also opting for designer sarees. Different designers of India have different styles of designing the sarees. Some prefer to do more of thread work while others might choose beads to design the sarees. Then there are combos of jewellery that needs to be taken care of with designer sarees. There are special earrings that need to be matched with the design of saree she is going to wear. As a matter of fact, there are numerous ways that a girl can select to look special on her special day there is a wide range of Indian bridal sarees from which she can choose. There are numerous saree stores to sell designer sarees. Among them, Chhabra 555 is a prominent seller of designer wedding sarees. You can visit a shop like Chhabra 555, in order to get any type of sari you need.