What is a volunteer? Why it is required in our society?

It is required to understand the value of volunteering. Volunteering is about giving, contributing and helping individuals and the community. It means to work hand in hand to make a meaningful contribution to a better community. Volunteering is large and diverse and not just about associating number of volunteers for large events. It is thousands of volunteers in any league sports, providing shelters for the homeless, giving aid and helping to seniors, holding hands in a hospital or cleaning up a local stream bed.

Volunteering and kindness

It is spontaneous willingness of acts of kindness like helping neighbours shovel their walks, coming to the aid of a stranded motorist or helping an elderly person cross a busy street. These various kinds of acts, given freely, are what bind communities together. Volunteering is to help, not to hire; is to give, not to take; and contributing, not counting. An estimate of a volunteering value in term of money helps acknowledge the millions of persons who dedicate their time, talents, motif and energy to make a difference. Charitable institutions use a standard estimate to quantify the enormous value volunteers provide.


If anyone want to do something meaningful for others or the environment, and the person is passionate about travel, a volunteer trip is dedicated for them. It is believed that in making your trip as hassle-free as possible. This provides you the space to focus on your work and what’s priority to you. There are several advantages to doing a service trips to volunteering an individual will: 

  • Add practical-world experience and new skills to your resume
  • Make a Flexi Trip whenever the person wants. Make it fit the schedule accordingly.
  • Finalize how much time he/she can commit on a Flexi Trip. Anyone can volunteer abroad anywhere from one week to a full year
  • Become part of a global chain of volunteers from around the world

Value added service for society

The value of volunteering is much in depth, much more fulfilling and much more collective in contributing to a healthy and vibrant community than money can ever measure. People volunteer for endless different kinds of reasons. Reasons may like that people want to gain experience, adapt new skills, to connect new people or expand their network of contacts as a way to get a new job or start a career. Others may just want to contribute to their community, help an orphan or promote a worthwhile activity. They do it for a feel good factor. This is an intrinsic value of volunteering. It is not about monetary matter. And volunteering should not be measured in that way. The wrong mind set is that it infers that if work isn’t paid for, it isn’t valuable. It reduces volunteerism to hours worked instead of contributions made for the purpose.

Wrap up

In the end, one cannot and should not put a monetary value on volunteering. The value of volunteerism is priceless and immeasurable. If these kinds of service trips in India happen, then those are worthy enough, as the country is full of opportunities and needs as well.