What Is The Use Of A Tower Fan

tower fan
tower fan

Fans have come a long way in terms of evolution from their initial anachronistic design. They have evolved in many types demarcated by their changes in designs. Specific usage of fans also has contributed to their evolution and change in designs. They have indeed come a long way and have in many cases proven the proverb “Need is the mother of invention” right at multiple instances. Whenever there arose a need of a special fan for a specific purpose the inventors came up with a new fan type intended to aid the civilisation in that specific problem.

Thus we can say that fan has been quite a flexible piece of machinery which has been altered as per the requirement arose in front of the humans and fan being an obedient pet got moulded in that form due to its friendly technology. It is not an over exaggeration of this over useful machinery but this is the truth. When need arose for a fan for just personal use table fan came into being with very low electricity usage it focuses on cooling an individual. When fans were required for office paces with low lying ceilings hence ceiling fans could not be used we received a new type of fan which was the wall mounted fan. When help in ventilation was required the scientists came up with the idea of exhaust fans which help to a very great extent in not only ventilation but also cooling the room to a great extent.

Two of the most recent developments in the category of fans are the:

  • Tower fan
  • Bladeless fan

When in today’s world homes are becoming compact as the majority of population is living in flats which have comparatively smaller room and space open to usage after moving in with all the household belongings is less so that the pedestals cannot be used then there arose a need of effective fan which would have the same airflow capacity of the pedestal fan yet it should be really compact to fit in compact spaces.

To counteract this problem the developers came with the concept of tower fan. This is a type of fan which has a wider oscillation range thus covering a wider range. The fan has impeller blades which provide the circulation of air. Unlike the blades of the ordinary fan the impeller blades are specially designed and instead of circulating air horizontally, it circulates air vertically thus this reduces the size of the fan and makes it more slender and compact. Read more about best tower fans and its features. The basic question that arises in the minds of the general public is that “What are the tower fans used for?

Use of Tower Fan

  • Tower fans are specifically designed for compact spaces where placing of ordinary fan will not be at all possible.
  • Tower fans have a few models which offer air ionisation and thus it gives fresh air circulation and slightly improves the air quality of the area it is placed in.
  • They are placed at places where very quiet fans are needed as they are designed to be really quiet.
  • The fan is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and it does a very good job at it. The fan is really slender which increases its beauty and it goes with most of the interior decors. It is also good for decoration purposes along with usage.
  • The tower does not have very much height and it is used to keep the air at lower level in circulation.

They are used in places where a large sweep area is needed to be covered and pedestal fans can’t be used.