What Your Digital Marketing Efforts Should Consist Of In 2016?

Digital marketing has gone through a notable transformation in the last few years and that is becoming increasingly an important medium to create an online brand experience. Just like any other field, online marketing is also constantly evolving. So, what’s in store for digital marketers in the upcoming year?

Read on the major online marketing trends and predictions for the year 2016:

  • Content Marketing Will Only Get Bigger: The popularity and the crucial role of content marketing will remain unaffected in the upcoming year. This also means that traditional digital marketing tactics will be abandoned, making way for more relevant and inspiring content. Rather than adopting the orthodox methods, companies will now pay attention to enhancing the overall customer experience and curate the content in an emphatic way. This will bring about a rise in the budgets for content marketing, with a considerable increase in business blogs.

  • Rise Of Marketing Analytics: Expert SEO services providers are already using a great number of analytics tools to see how the customers are interacting with the brand, products, or the services. The significance of this particular aspect will rise in the year 2016, as marketers will start contemplating increasing the investments.

    In addition to that, marketing automation technologies will be embraced more and more by companies. Marketing data will become a crucial set of information of all the marketing initiatives.

  • Video Marketing Will Rise More Than Ever: In the last few years, the use of videos has been steadily growing for marketing purposes. Videos are the most useful tools when your brand needs to demonstrate how a product or a service works. This trend is more likely to continue in the year 2016, when more and more companies will start considering the detailed, explanatory videos and give them a prominent role in the user experience tactics.

  • Personalization: Marketers have now understood the significance of user interaction with the content, and the best way to achieve this is by providing something relevant to the users. The power of personalized content in the year 2015, has helped several companies increase their conversion rates, lower the operational costs, and encourage users to stay for a longer period of time on their websites, thus ensuring customer satisfaction. With the advancement of the algorithms of Google, this trend is likely to dominate the year 2016 as well for digital marketing.

  • More Marketing Clutter: When there will be more and more brands going after content marketing, there is no wonder that low quality content will also start flowing in. With an increased inclination towards content creation there is also marketing noise. Since marketers will pay more attention to engaging content, we might see marketing noise slowly losing the power. For the last few years, marketers have appreciated long copy over short ones,and this trend will be more embraced in the year 2016. The length and the value of the content will be essential than ever for effective SEO purposes.

  • Visual Storytelling Will Be Embraced: With so much marketing noise on the web, online marketers will need to find the medium through which they could effectively send them message in a way that it stands out from the competition. This is possible with visual story-telling. Perfect for engaging and nurturing the engaged consumer communities, visual storytelling is employed to communicate the vision of the brand and its aesthetics.

    By relying on videos, you could craft a visual story for marketing purposes that will be able to gain traction and inspire the emotions, while sending a clear message about the brand and helping to define it amongst the surrounding noise.

  • More Money Invested In Online Ads: Owing to the amount of time and the users dependability on the web and more specifically on search engines, there is a great amount of opportunities for brands to target, segment, and track the options that are simply unavailable in the traditional advertisements.

    Due to its more targeted approach, internet advertising has been rising significantly over the years. In addition to that the last couple of years saw more brands turning towards mobile ads too. The online ad spending is predicted to rise in 2016 and looks that it will continue to rise in the coming years and this will allow the marketers to have a more focused approach towards specific user groups.

Conclusion: If a brand wants to build a robust reputation online, they should follow the preferences and behaviour of the targeted audience and follow the consumers’ use of the web. These 7 predictions for the year 2016 will help marketers communicate with the customers efficiently and help them in their awareness, consideration, and closing stages.