When You Date A Punjabi Girl, Keep These In Mind

Punjabi girls are known for their beauty, boldness, and humor. They know how to perfectly balance their professional and personal life. If you are meeting a Punjabi girl on a date or for a proposal meet, do keep the following in mind to nail it!

The Place of Meeting

It is, usually, always the boys call in deciding a good place for the meet, but when it specifically dating or meeting a Punjabi girl, it is always a safe choice to leave it to the girl to decide the venue of the meeting, and this makes the girl much more comfortable because she does not have to go visit a place which in her view is more prone to problems. With the girl’s choice of place, you both can enjoy each other’s company better and make some memorable moments.


Yes, if you want to win the heart of a Punjabi girl, you must necessarily carry with you a very good sense of humor. A Punjabi girl does not like a guy, who lacks a good sense of humor. If you know the right way to laugh at yourself and tell a joke on your own self, you can leave a good impression in front of her. But you need to be quite innovative with your ideas and side by side also need to remember not to, by any chance, crack a joke on the girl herself, even with good intentions. It is sure going to make her feel bad about it.

Do not Brag

If you are one of those people who show-off, you are not meant for even a simple date with a Punjabi girl. They like only humorous and honest guys and not the ones, who show off a lot. In the society, there is a common misconception about Punjabis that they are show offs, but this is far from the truth. Most of them are down to earth with exceptions being in every community.

Make Her Feel Special

On a date or meeting, a Punjabi girl wants her time with you to be a memorable one. It is up to you to make her feel in this manner. Even your small and simple can show many things. One needs to be vigil to notice them. Your care and politeness are assets that can make the girl feel she is a special one in millions and the date can go on a whole new level with this.

Spice up the matter

This does not only go for the food, but when you are dating a Punjabi girl, you need to spice everything up. Rumors, gossip, movies, conversations and there are a lot more things, which you will have to keep spiced up to keep her interested in you.

So, now when you know what you need to do on a meeting with a Punjabi girl, if you think you can handle all of the above points, the Punjabi marriage bureau can help you find the right girl.