Why A Planogram Software Worth An Investment For Your Business?

Why A Planogram Software Worth An Investment For Your Business?

Planogramming is an art of drawing a visual representation of how and where specific brand or product should be positioned on the shelves to improve visibility and increase sales. Not based on assumptions, it is a science which calls for planogramming skill set to merchandise and retail zone planning. Only a specialist can only perform this task, not everyone’s cup of tea.

First and foremost, the planogrammer analyse the past and current sales pattern to make useful recommendations on how the brand or specific product should be facing on a retail display. The diagram will propose how low or high on a specific shelf the product display, as well the products and brands surrounding it. The resulting visual representation is printed out to help both brick and mortar outlets and malls to restock retail displays and shelves in the best possible way.

How to begin with planograms?

The process of planning and implementation of a planogram that visualises where every single product within a retail store should be kept. The optimal image is highly complex, acts as a flow chart for each single merchandise department within any retail store. This will throw light on which aisle and what shelf items are positioned and in what number.  Planogramming is critical tool throughout the retail industry to survive and flourish against all odds- global recession and inflation.

Data-Driven Software

A decade back, planograms were crafted manually scrutinising your internal and external sales data. The process used to take some days, but nowadays, planogram software does the job in no-time. The planogram automation software has made it quite easy for anyone, even a technically challenged shop owner to go from zero to a planogram in a matter of few minutes. With the right data, you will able to will come up with a logical and user-friendly layout while maximising the efficiency of the shelf space.  Another great aspect about planogram software that you remain in complete control how your planogram will be automated. Additionally, opting for a software instead of hiring any individual will save you a lot of money and ensure precision.

Improve Visibility and Enhance Sales

Product placement and augment sales, are the major facets where a well implementation of a planogram software will work. Other considerations should be,  maximise selling the potential of every foot at a retail store. A better visual showcase and tight inventory control, easier brand or product replenishment for staff.

Planogram layouts come in a variety of diverse forms, the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG’s) organisations and supermarket chains opt for text and box layouts. This objective is not just to optimise the shelf space, but also inventory profit and turns margins. Mainstream retailers and apparel brands centres around the overall presentation and pictorial representation and use pictorial style planograms to demonstrate the appearance and feel of the store as well as identifying specific brand or product.

Before you choose any visual representation software, read reviews over the Internet, also select one that offers the best price.