3 Jobs You Can Get After Becoming a Bachelor in Finance

Finance is a field that never goes off the market. Almost every organization needs someone to handle its finances, especially that which goes out and comes in.

More than investments, it is the profits that businesses are built on, as per the old adages. However, scenario is changing these days. In fact, it has flipped so much, thanks to Silicon Valley and budding startups across the globe, people today are keen on investing even if it takes a business several years to make actual profits.

With this shift, the field of finance has evolved as well. Now, companies are widely looking for finance professionals to manage their finances, especially the investments that come in from some of the big banks and venture capitalists.

All this has opened the world of opportunities for the numerically inclined. So, if you are one of those whose inherent talent lies in juggling numbers, then finance is the field for you. Many universities and institutes across the globe offer detailed professional courses and degrees in finance.

Where Should You Study Finance?

The best countries to study finance in Europe are Germany and Switzerland because both of these countries are home to some of the leading companies in the world. Therefore, studying finance and becoming bachelor of finance in these countries will not only bring you the best of mentors but also great networking opportunities and job prospects.

One of those institutes is EU Business School with campuses in Munich, Geneva, Barcelona and Montreux. One of the best things about studying at EU Business School is that you can study one semester at one campus and can opt to study next at another campus. It’s like getting the best of both worlds.

Jobs after Bachelor in Finance

Options for a practical career in finance after a master or even a bachelor in finance are many and almost all of them are interesting. Here we discuss some of the highly sought-after jobs by bachelor of finance.

Financial Analyst

Often synonymous with finance analyst, risk analyst and treasury analyst, career as a financial analyst has a lot to offer. For starts, a salary of over eighty thousand dollars.

A broad range of responsibilities come along with this position. As a financial analyst you would be gathering and dissecting financial data and guiding your company’s investment decisions. Also, you would need to stay updated with the market trends and to keep looking for investment opportunities using formulas and statistical analysis to calculate risk and potential customers. For this role a strong understanding of statistics is a must with the ability to interpret data and convert it into practical investment advice.

Personal Financial Advisor

After a bachelor in finance, a personal financial advisor is of the opportunities you could be offered is. Financial advisor, financial planner and investment banker are other potential job titles.

Personal Financial Advisors are by far the most identifiable finance professionals. As a personal financial advisor, you would be helping individuals plan their financial goals and review investment options as well. Needless to say, you would need strong interpersonal skills in order to build a strong clientele.

Financial Manager

Add anywhere between a couple years and several years of experience to your bachelor of finance degree and you would become eligible for the position of Financial Manager, often called finance manager, chief financial officer,    controller or treasurer.

Working in roles that are primarily responsible for overall financial health of the organization, as a financial manager you would be performing tasks like preparing financial statements, reviewing financial reports and documents, analyzing market trends, assisting senior management and could also include managing employees within the department. Becoming a chief financial office may take extra couple years but being one would mean you will have large influence on the direction of the business or organization you would be working for.

Final Words

Holding a degree of bachelor in finance could have a tremendous impact on your overall career. It could bring you wonderful opportunities with leading companies – companies with strong financial foundation. Having said that, the institute or university and the country you earn your degree from/in plays a major role in defining the career path for you.