Stop Worrying About CT Scan By Knowing These Facts

If your doctor has suggested you to go for a CT scan, and you are worried about it, then stop worrying. As it may look big to you because of the CT scan machine or the process it follows. But actually, there is hardly anything to worry about when you undergo CT scan. It is not at all painful and apart from the CT scan machine noise, you will not find anything disturbing. Many people find it quite uncomfortable lying under the scanner. But if you feel such nervousness or uneasiness, you can let your doctor know this.

Benefits of CT scan

CT scan is really beneficial for us in many ways related to our health. Here, you will know how good it is for you all.

  •    By doing CT scan, it is possible to detect the complex problems as the doctors can view the body parts in 3D. And it provides a detailed image of soft tissues, joints, and bones.
  •    Once the scan is finished, there is no radiation left in that person’s body.
  •    During the time of accidents and some life-threatening diseases, CT scan is very helpful. Like in case of finding internal bleeding and in detecting tumors.
  •    It helps doctors in finding when the surgery is needed and what treatment the patient needs by detecting the problem closely.
  •    CT scan may look complex, but it is a very simple, reliable, and fast process.
  •    CT scan is unlike MRI, and that is why one can get the scanning done even if they have any medical device implanted. But one should inform the doctor about it before the CT scan that they have any medical device implanted, as it is important. Scanning is also less sensitive to the person’s body movement.

Hospitals for CT scan

Often, patients are confused about which hospital to choose for CT scan process. And it is majorly because of the fear they all have related to the process. There are many best hospitals all over India for the CT scan. If you are somewhere in the south we would recommend you to go to Bangalore. As you can get done the best CT scan in Bangalore. You can even check the hospitals online and can select them according to the facilities, doctors, price, and reviews.

Preparing for CT scan

So, when it comes to preparing for the CT scan, your doctor will guide you about it. But here are a few things which we will share with you about how to get ready for CT scan. Firstly, it is on your doctor that which type of structure he/she needs for examining and which body part has to be examined. In case, if you have to undergo barium dye scan, you might have to stop drinking or eating anything around 5 to 6 hours before the scanning process. But your doctor will guide you about it. Your doctor will also strictly instruct you not to wear anything metallic and take off any jewelry or any metallic object before entering the CT scan room.

CT scan Price in India

If you are thinking that like MRI, CT scan is also very costly, then you are wrong. As MRI cost go high up to Rs.7000 also. But there are best CT scan centers Bangalore which have the price in between Rs.3000 to Rs.5000. And they have the treatment also available there for different diseases which are detected with the help of CT scan.


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