3 Top Features That A Current News Application Must Have

3 Top Features That A Current News Application Must Have

End your hunger of current news with the latest technology of internet and application in real time. Majority of people prefer online portal for local or current news (berita semasa) instead of a traditional method.

Every time something goes throughout the world. If you want to stay updated then either stick with your television or wait up to next morning. The news application very effectively eliminates the entire necessities and keep you updated with every fraction of the time.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to comprehend the expectation of people regarding the news. Here are five useful features that assist readers to unfold their favorite section of news including – local news, PLKN, CTOS, EBRIM, SPA8i, real estate, sports news, national and international news, economic news, etc. to explore out.

#1. Homepage Customization

We breathe in the era of customization and personalization. Every audience desires a personalized homepage that let them choose their topics, sections, tags, contents, areas of interest, author, etc. and hide undesired section accordingly.

Delivering a personalized reader experience in lack of engaging with ‘filter bubbles’ is more challenging. That’s why the feature of personalization is efficient in allowing readers to select desired news and stories sections.

#2. Text-streaming Technologies

The devices we used to fetch the news text are going smaller day by day. Moreover, the website is adapting towards latest responsive technology that might diminish the text size.

Have you ever thought about conveying texts over smartwatches, glass and wearable accessories? The future is about all these accessories and must take out the way to overcome the concern.

In this endeavor, text-streaming technologies presented a solution. It is a software that streams one word at a time on the screen. Prevents you from the harsh moving of eyes to read and efforts of touching the screen to scroll.

#3. Social News Network

The news portals always accompany the communities of like-minded people of same interest and views. Eventually, they share their opinion about society, politics, and regions. So, the newspaper must go beyond the platform of news production and circulation and act more like social networks.

Last Thought

Finally, you have got these three features to accommodate a current news site or application. Apart from these, you should consider some other features also like – breaking or current news with relevant information, embedded articles, geo-based pushed notification, highlights, etc. So, if you are taking efforts to select a news application, better would be to keep the things in your mind and stay benefited.