4 Innovative Designs of The Table That Will Be Best Suited For Your Restaurant

As a restaurant owner, you might think that employing the best chef and serving the best food at your restaurant would make you the best in the business. However, customers can still turn to some other restaurants. And the reason might be the right kind of ambiance, interiors, and decor that is needed for a restaurant to be the best in the city. The displeasing decor of your restaurant might restrict the customer to enter, and this may include from simple things like it the colors of your restaurant’s walls, or maybe the dull centerpiece on the table, or maybe your choice of flowers on the table or maybe the design of the table itself.

Well, the customers really get influenced by the designs of the tables your restaurant has because they look for comfort, style and sometimes privacy as well. As they spend long hours in the restaurant, some having their first date on a coffee while some cherishing their old memories they spent with their loved ones earlier. You need to set up a perfect restaurant table to delight the customers, be it the size of the table, or the comfort it provides or even the style it offers to let the customers have thousands of selfies over there.

So are you thinking of what new to do and what innovative table designs you can use for your restaurant?

Have a look at the 4 innovative restaurant tables below:

  • The Ping Pong Table: This table is an amazing one to suit sports lovers. It has got a net in the middle of the table to give it a perfect look of a real ping pong table. This one adds more creativity to your restaurant and induced the customers to have a gala time while playing the fun game.
  • High top tables: These tables are the elevated ones which encourage people to socialize with larger groups. It’s a perfect one for the cake cutting as the invitees can take the glimpse of the cake while both sitting and standing.
  • The Big Sur Dining Table: This wonderful table gives a perfect look of natural wood and offers a calming effect with a feel of ‘connected to nature.’ This one is ideal for the couple dates and conversations.
  • The Coffee Table styled Seating: There’s a common saying that ‘ anything can happen over a coffee,’ so here’s one for the coffee lovers and to the ones who are going to have their first date. This table is seriously going to make their brows raise with amazement.

However, these restaurant tables are not enough to give a lavish look to your restaurant. Go with the following table setting ideas for the perfect look:

  • The centerpieces: Keep changing the centerpieces using twigs, thermocol balls, and popsicles. You can even go for fresh flowers every day if your budget allows.
  • The themes: Go for a mismatched one, vintage and modern, line and checks patterns, to give a unique look to the restaurant.
  • Say no to table clothes: Table clothes are boring and difficult to maintain as well. Go with some beautiful linen, silky, grass cloth table mats and keep changing them on an alternate basis. Keep plenty of napkins on each table.
  • Candles: Use unscented candles and decorate with some lights to give a beautiful feel to the customers. Put the candles in a beautiful antique candle holder to add an essence to the ambiance of your restaurant.
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