Relationship Tips to Supercharge Your Love Life

In the dating world, there are many ups and downs and after being with the same person for some time, it is difficult to create those highs you’re suddenly craving. One gets attached easily and routine settles effortlessly between partners, which doesn’t have to be a problem on its own, but it can cause issues in the long run. The most boring thing you’ve probably heard is that a relationship is stable. Stable as in “nothing exciting happens, we’re just living”. Who wants to be just living!?

Get ready to shake things up in your relationship!

Below are 6 tips to supercharge your love life.

You wanna know what?

Unusual and fun questions can help your relationship and push it to the next level. Don’t think of questions like “how was your day” but something entirely different. Maybe ask them if they were an animal, what animal would they be. Or how many times they got up at work that day. Some of them will be weird, but you’ll be having a conversation, and hopefully, laughing by the end of the day.

Uno! (Dos, Tres…)

Play together. Yes, that simple. Just play together. Boardgames are always fun and whether you’re playing Uno or Battleship, you’ll be having fun together. A little competition is always healthy in a relationship (if one of you isn’t extremely competitive, that is) and in most boardgames, you don’t have to be that focused that you won’t manage a conversation. You’re creating some “us” time and all it takes is a few pieces of cardboard.

Butter me up!

It’s always fun to spend a day together, but it’s even more fun if you’re having a spa day together. A little impromptu pamper session is all you need to help you relax and unwind from the week and doing it together will create a special bond between you two. You can either go to a fancy centre or clinic or play pretend in the comfort of your home. The bed will do just fine for a massage and you’ll just need some scented oil. Play some relaxing music, close the shutters and there you go – your own private spa!

It’s hobb(i)time…

No, not exactly The Hobbit, however, if that’s your cup of tea, why the hell not? Having a common hobby will make your connection stronger. You’ll need to rely on each other more and work together towards a goal you set up yourselves. There are many ways you can go about it, but taking dance classes together, climbing sessions, maybe a weekly pub quiz event or even traveling can be one of your pastimes. It doesn’t need to break the bank, but it needs to give you both a common goal and obstacles along the way so you can figure them out as a team.

Let’s go skinny dipping!

Yes, you’ve read that right. Skinny dipping will supercharge your love life, it might even overcharge your love life. Not in a bad way, though. This is something more risqué, that many won’t find appropriate, but taking risks together helps create a bubble of support and trust, in which the only inhabitants are you two. Plus, the adrenaline of doing something like this together is a beautiful secret to keep between yourselves, or if you’re feeling brave, it’s also a great story to tell your friends! It is amazing what being naked in front of each other (and not only for intimate reasons) does for a couple – you’ll feel closer physically and spiritually.


Is this even still a thing, sexting? Yes, it is! And it should always be! Your partner wants all of you and that most certainly includes your body. If you don’t feel confident to go all in, start small. Send them a little photo of you in your PJs, or a close-up of your new lingerie. It’s all about doing something you’re comfortable with while sexy-ing things up a notch. Besides spicy texts, you can also mix things up in the bedroom and do something you wouldn’t normally do. Either that’s a new position or a little roleplay, or just a new set of lingerie, it’s guaranteed to heighten that love life of yours. Remember to just have fun. Relationships are hard and it can’t/won’t always be a pool of roses and sunshine – this is normal, and you shouldn’t feel guilty. That said, life is so much easier when you have somebody to laugh with (or at…) and if after a few years, you’re feeling a little demotivated and need some inspiration, try the tips above. Everyone is different and, in each couple, there are things that work best for those two people, so don’t forget that you can and, probably should, adapt them to yourselves. Bottom line, your partner is your best friend; what would you like to do with your best friend?