5 Advantages Of Cloud Desktop Computing

Cloud Desktop is quickly gaining popularity around the globe and some experts even call it the future of computing. Many organizations now prefer cloud desktops over physical PCs since they are more efficient, reliable and inexpensive. Whether you are a small business owner or an ordinary user, the cloud is beneficial for everyone in one way or the other. Here are 5 main advantages of using cloud desktop over traditional physical computers:

Cost Effective:

The basic need of every business owner is to earn more by keeping the initial capital as low as possible. Subscribing to cloud desktop requires only one time or monthly/yearly payments and it doesn’t demand purchasing expensive equipment, hence saving a lot of money. Software upgrades or buying new servers are all handled by the companies providing cloud service. According to a research conducted by the Weill Cornell Medical College, Information Technologies and Services (ITS), the yearly cost of managing cloud desktop is 42% less expensive than managing the standard desktop. Cloud desktops usually require thin clients, which means, the operational cost of heavy equipment, such as electricity and air conditioning, is significantly reduced too. Renting a large workspace to keep the equipment is also not required as most of your servers are online. The cloud desktop price usually starts from $20.00 – $25.00/month.


The best part about cloud desktop is that it is well backed by a team of professionals. With in-house IT infrastructure, if one of your servers fails, it requires a great deal of time to fix and get it back online. However, most of the cloud service providers such as https://www.clouddesktoponline.com offer 24 hours support and promise a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Even if any server fails, the applications and services can be easily transferred to any other available server.

Data Storage and Recovery

Saving your data on flash drives for backup purposes may be easy but it requires substantial amount of time. In cloud desktop, since all your data is already stored on the virtual servers, the backup process is relatively easier and more efficient. The cloud companies make automatic weekly or monthly backups to make sure your data is safe. The chances to lose data are very minimal, as all the files are stored on virtual servers, and they can be accessed anytime to recover the data. In addition, the virtual server where your data is saved can be downloaded and copied to any offline location too.

Safety and Security

All your data is encrypted before being sent to the virtual servers, which makes it very difficult for hackers to steal it. Most of the cloud desktops feature online virus scanning to make sure your data is free from malwares. In case your laptop with important data on it gets stolen, you can easily login to the online server and remove the sensitive files so that the data doesn’t get in the wrong hands.


Lastly, the cloud desktop lets you access your data remotely from anywhere, even when you are on vacation or traveling. If for some reason, you are unable to visit the workplace, the cloud will allow you to access all your important files from home. Employees can even complete their tasks and update their files on the go on virtual networks.