Now is the time to make the shift to Microsoft 365

Just like we have our personal goals in place at the outset of every new year, businesses set professionals goals too. Especially for the IT professionals, this is a crucial time to ponder over how they will continue to empower the organization by delivering modern and innovative high-tech services, especially related to cloud computing.

If you haven’t made that decision yet, now could be the perfect time to move to the cloud. This can be a significant transition for any organization, despite its size or industry. However, a few considerations can make this transition a smooth experience. For instance, deciding on moving to a cloud-based system like Office 365. This can lead to some major advantages that can offer various opportunities to the business in the long run.

But is this platform really right for you and is it really the right time to shift to Microsoft 365? Let’s find out!

Brings Your Ageing Infrastructure to Life

Empowering your organization is one of the most significant benefits of making the shift to Office 365. The platform does not only enable an organization to save a lot of time but money. There’s no need for relying on the aging equipment, that skyrockets the costs. Instead of indulging into intensive and laborious work for the simplest of tasks, migrate to the cloud and instantly experience better service and productivity.

Here are some ways in which Microsoft 365 empowers your aging infrastructure:

  • Require lesser servers to carry out the same amount of work.
  • Implementation of virtual servers for extra productivity
  • Execute web conferences and calls without the need to go beyond the Office 365 platform
  • Embrace various collaborative tools, including instant messaging and remote desktop, to allow employees to keep in touch and stay on the same page by sharing files and concepts through a VPN tunnel.
  • Empowers system to save more money.

Work Anywhere

The Microsoft 365 platform offers a great benefit of enabling users to work from a remote location, as long as they have access to the internet. The advanced Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) are cloud-based and also allows the user to access email from any device and location.

An organization can opt for a plan that allows them to install the desktop version of Microsoft Office on up to five devices per user. This is a great benefit for organizations with remote employees or employees who travel a lot and participate in multiple locations.

Utilize Latest Versions

Organizations that use Office 365 can instantly access the latest versions of Office without any additional cost. You can utilize the most effective features without the need of reinstalling or uninstalling Office programs on every machine. Moreover, since Microsoft is known for making regular upgrades to improve the service and features, any organization that opts for Microsoft 365 can avail them.

Integrates with Current Tools

Another great advantage of moving to Office 365 is that it perfectly integrates with the current software and tools you are already using in the organization. If you have a solid usage on different Microsoft programs like PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Word, and others, you don’t have to worry about relearning everything from scratch.

Since the tools seamlessly integrate with your new Microsoft platform, everything continues to work without any trouble – thanks to the cloud-based nature of Office 365. Last but not least, you can expect to improve the efficiency of existing tools and software by incorporating Office 365 and dramatically increase productivity.

Improved Business Scalability

Professionals who are trained for using different Microsoft services including Microsoft Server 2016 Security and its other features are also aware of the high scalability it offers. The cloud-based service allows the organization to evolve and grow. Also, you only pay for what you are using while you can implement new solutions for improved data storage activities in the most cost-effective and effortless way.

Office 365 offers flexibility and scalability to the organization as per their need, while also enabling them to reduce overhead costs that were incurred for system management. Microsoft has introduced this cloud-based IT environment that’s already on par with most of the major organizations and their systems. For most businesses, Microsoft 365 model is ideal.

Better Control and Security

Prepare your staff to make the most out of Office 365 with simple online IT training. Since most people are already familiar with the usage of Microsoft Office, a simple training is enough to get them on board for Microsoft 365.

The best part is that the user enjoys more control and security with this cloud-based version. You have more control and better security for documents, emails, and network and is therefore used by tons of big enterprises around the world.

Additionally, Microsoft data centers also jump in to help you with managing your data stores with utmost efficiency. The built-in features and tools enable you to control the security of documents on a granular level so you can authenticate users depending on their need for use. This also gives you more insight into data access and enables you to change permission if you like. You are in full control of the system’s transparency and security.

Excellent Collaboration Features

If you have remote employees are supposed to work in a team, you will thank Microsoft for introducing the ‘collaboration’ feature of Office 365. Every person on the team – including the manager – is on the same page despite the project.

Any member of the team can access a document to edit or contribute and can continue working on the same version without creating several different versions individually. No more hassle of combining multiple documents. Moreover, you can also directly access the attached files instead of sending them in emails.

The feature also includes versioning in case you need to access an old document.

Final Word

Office 365 does not only empower the employees but the organization on the whole. You get a comprehensive communication and collaboration tool that allows you to deliver the best work and improve business performance right away.

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