5 Best English-speaking Jobs In France

If you’ve ever dreamed of trading the Blackpool Pier for the French Riviera, you are not alone. As of 2015, over 185,000 Brits have made their way to sunnier shores and that number is only set to rise, even as the UK prepares to leave the EU.

While some are retirees, many more are still working full-time and enjoying all that France has to offer in their free time. So, what are the best job in France for English-speakers?

Freelance Writer/Editor

This job will allow you to work from just about anywhere (although you’ll probably need the Wi-Fi password). You may spend the morning writing a press release on your balcony, before breaking for lunch in a bistro, and editing a short story whilst sitting beside the River Seine in the afternoon.

As you can work with clients from around the globe, there’s no need to be fluent in French; although, some knowledge will allow you to work with local businesses as well.


This is considered one of the easiest jobs to get in France without speaking the language; after all, drinks mix the same across the world. If you find work in a touristy area, you may even find that you never need to speak French at work.

If you are confident, sociable and (most importantly) know your Bordeaux from your Burgundy, this could be the job for you.

Estate Agent

There are already close to 200,000 Brits in France with many more on their way, and you know what they all need? A place to live.

They need to find a house and they’d probably feel a lot better buying in their own language. After all, if you’re handing over €300,000, you’d feel better negotiating in your mother tongue, right?

Tour Guide

France’s rich history and beautiful landscapes attract hundreds of thousands of tourists per year; who want to learn about the country’s varied tourist attractions in their own language.

If you have a good memory, enjoy learning new things and love meeting new people, you can get a job as a tour guide; leading people around the Notre Dame Cathedral or the Eiffel Tower.


There’s a high-demand for people who can teach English in France, whether it’s preparing schoolchildren for the job market of tomorrow or helping adults who want to move to the UK for better job opportunities.

Some teachers have a regular class at a local school, while others take on private clients as a personal tutor. If you want to make additional money during the school holidays, you could take part in a host family programme, where you take children into your home for a week or two and allow them to experience complete English immersion.

To find out more about teaching jobs in France, visit Daily English.

So, consider whether it’s time for you to realise your dream of living in France, where you’d be joining fellow Brits like rugby player Jonny Wilkerson, actress Emma Watson, and writer Dame Joan Collins.

Are there any great jobs for English speakers in France that weren’t on this list? Do you have experience in one of these jobs? Let us know in the comments.