5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Lips Soft And Smooth This Winter

5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Lips Soft And Smooth This Winter

A drastic change of whether to cold temperatures, snow or dry air can take a toll on your body. Winter particularly has a ton of awesome highlights and there are some little things that happen to the lips during this time that you will not like; that is dry, chapped and flaky lips. But if you are able to take care of it, then you should not be worried. There are several ways to keep your lips soft and supple during period. We have listed below five easy ways to help you keep your lips soft and smooth during this winter and make you look beautiful and feel great.

1. Take Right Diet And Sufficient Water.

One of the best ways to keep your lips soft and smooth this winter is by taking the right diet and sufficient water. Keep your lips hydrated all day by taking in lots of water and foods rich in diet. Foods rich in diets include those that contain vitamin A, B, C and E. Meals rich in Vitamin E are eggs, nuts among others. They help to even out aging sings like fine wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin C helps the body to produce more collagen which makes the lips supple and fuller, it also helps to repair the tissue by guarding the skin from direct sunburn. Vitamin A is essential as it helps to repair and maintain the skin tissue.

2. Control Your Room Temperature

One other important way of keeping your lips soft and smooth is by knowing the ideal temperatures to keep your lips moist and hydrated all day. It is important that as you protect yourself from outdoor harsh temperatures, you also take care of indoor air conditions. During winter the heating system makes the air in the room drier and harmful to the lip skin. To control the room temperatures, use the humidifier. Set the temperature of the humidifier at 30% to 40% to keep the air inside the house moist. Do not exceed 50% as excess humidity may cause microorganisms or other bacteria.

3. Avoid Peel/Lick/Bite Your Lips.

If you want to keep your lips soft and smooth, you have to avoid licking or biting them. You also need to know how to keep your lips moisturized. It is always tempting to lick, bite or peel your lip skin when it feels dry. That is a bad habit. Peeling the lip skin or biting it makes it nastier and they can even get bleeding. So, avoid the habit as much as you can. In fact the saliva takes out the moisture from the lips causing it to chap fast. Always have a lip balm with you and use it whenever your lips feel a little dry.

4. Use Lip Balm, The Best Answer To Dry Lips In Winter.

Lip ban can help you keep your lips soft and smooth during winter. When buying a lip balm, consider those with the power for extra moisturizer, SPF sunblock and other natural ingredients. These natural ingredients are mostly, Vitamin A, Beeswax, Almond oil, Vitamin A, Shea butter and Vitamins A and D. Also ensure that lip balm becomes your best friend in dry air. After waking up every morning and washing your face, apply your lip balm. Use it after every meal. Keep your balm within reach such that whenever that whenever your lips have slight tightness you can easily find your lip balm.

5. Use Moisturizing Lips For Dry Lips.

Learn how to keep your lips moisturized during winter by using moisturizing lip balmthat have immobile colorful tint. Avoid the suing the normal lipstick as much as possible. But if you are used to ordinary lipstick, you can use a moisturizer based lip color. You can also first moisturize your lips with an ointment and then apply your favorite normal lipstick. At the time of going to bed, since you cannot sleep with the lipstick, careful remove the lip make up and then use a moisturizer to help you keep the lip skin soft and moist.


Soft, smooth and supple lips make us look beautiful and feel great while chapped dry lips can be painful, irritant and can lead to other conditions like lip-licking dermatitis or cheilitis. Skin lips are the most sensitive and delicate part of our face and is mostly neglected or forgotten during facial make ups. To avoid the bad and irritable feeling of dry chapped lips during winter, follow any or all of the above ways to keep your list moisturized and will make you feel great and look beautiful.