5 Dry Skin Beauty Tips To Make It Through Winter

Winter comes with diverse complications and complex means of resolving them. We face continued challenges as it settles in ranging from the change in the fashion style i.e. from the hair, to the wardrobe and the skin. As winter rolls in, the skin type begins to change sometimes from an oily, radiant and always glowing skin to a dull, dry and scaly skin texture and complexion. This results in an uncomfortable situation and many of us are looking for tips and ways to make the situation better and bearable. To aid you out, here are the top five dry skin beauty tips to help you make it through the winter.

1. Moisturizing

For a dry skin, this is normally the first step and the only step that is included in all the other makeup or beauty tips. In everything to do with a dry skin, it always ends up with a moisturizing bit. In how to apply makeup for dry skin, it is also the first step towards healing or better yet a glowing, smooth and radiant skin complexion. Using moisturizers that are rich in oil and hyaluronic acid will ensure that your dry skin is taken care of in this chilly season. Furthermore, the ingredients hold the oils and lipids forming a protective layer and barrier on the skin surface in place.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is a super step for any individual with a dry skin. It is also the predecessor of every makeup routine you select for your dry skin. This is because dry skin tends to appear flaky, peeling off and or scaly in nature. To remove this kind of an appearance, you need to exfoliate the skin. Remember that winter comes in with a bit of sensitivity to the skin and use products that are not too strong or harsh but suitable to the skin. In addition, ensure you moisturize the skin thoroughly every time you exfoliate for the best results to be obtained in the process.

3. Primer And Foundation

How to apply makeup for dry skin is sometimes in steps or in guides telling you what to do. During winter is just the opposite. You have absolutely no idea how to apply any makeup. The initial thing to learn is that winter is based on moisturizing. Therefore, select a foundation that has a moisturizing effect or contains moisturizer in it. Pick a primer that does not compromise the integrity and safety of the skin with harsh ingredients and or chemicals. Furthermore, use cosmetics or beauty products that are oil based to increase the amount of oils on the skin. Nothing that is based on water, alcohol and other beauty products will be effective as they tend to compete or get rid of the oil on the skin.

4. Dampness And Hydration

Sometimes, it is important to double hydrate your skin whenever possible. For delicate skin areas such as the face and the hands that are continuously exposed to the atmosphere, continuous hydration is a must. Ensure you carry a moisturizer along with you wherever you go and if you happen to wash, apply the moisturizer with the washed ara still damp from the water. Do so again after having a bath. Do not thoroughly dry yourself up but leave the dampness on before applying a moisturizer. This ensures that the skin remains hydrated or is double hydrated for longer than expected.

5. Treat The Patches

In some cases, winter results in some areas or patches of dry skin appearing on the skin. This results in an uneven toned complexion. As time goes, the patches increase in size and the irritation and in some cases inflammation resulting from it may result in skin breakage and or bleeding. Therefore, the best step is to treat the dry, scaly or bleeding areas before commencing on a full winter makeup routines. This is advisable even in how to apply makeup for dry skin. In addition, it will prevent the patches from becoming worse and the resultant effects are a smooth, well hydrated or moisturized and even toned glowy complexion.


Winter is a long season that comprises of many surprises one of them being the effect it has on the skin. By learning how to take care of it by applying makeup the right way, following the beauty tips and using them to maximize the skin benefits associated, you learn to protect and enhance the beauty of your skin as time goes by. The tips will ensure you acquire a smooth, even toned, vibrant and radiant skin tone, and many will be awed and amazed. Be sure to use the tips and all that can be yours in winter