5 Essential Factors To Consider For Selecting The Right Curtain Fabric

5 Essential Factors To Consider For Selecting The Right Curtain Fabric

Curtains are an important part of any home decor. Your home decorator designer will tell you that, curtains make a room, but only when selected correctly. When you want to get the perfect light setting through your window or give the windows a classic touch, it all becomes a matter of fabric and color, lining, and length and custom-made versus odd-the shelf. The curtains of your room define the beauty of a room, and the fabric influences the entire life and look of the curtain.

The fabric is an important part while selecting curtains, as the material, its fall and its texture define how the curtain will drape. There is a wide range of home decor fabrics to select from like silk, cotton, chintz, velvet, and linen. In addition to your personal choice, when it comes to choosing the right fabric of the curtains, there are a few essential factors that you should consider.


Different fabrics can give different look to your room decor. If you want to give an elegant and a glossy look to the room, then you should select real silk or faux silk. In case if you want to give the sophisticated and simple look, linen or velvet is a great choice.


While some fabrics tend to look very attractive and good, they are not durable at all.  It’s quite essential to select the fabrics which have a long and durable life. In case, if you are one of those who believe in a change, go for any fabric you like the most.


Well, you cannot use the same fabric in every room and different fabrics serve many different functions. For the bedroom, you can use neither very dark or very light and dreamy fabric. However, for the casual rooms, you can use delicate and bright fabrics as they are mostly used for decoration purposes.


A few types of fabric like velvet and silk requires dry cleaning. But, some fabrics can be easily washed and dried at your home like synthetic and linen fabrics. So it’s better you select fabric according to the use and maintenance.


Different fabrics are available in different price, so choose the fabric keeping in mind the budget. While cotton is one least expensive fabric, silk is quite expensive. So the amount of fabric required also vary with curtains.

So, as you can see, when it’s the time to select curtain fabric wholesale there are so many factors to consider to make sure your living spaces have a stunning decor that you can show off.