Tips To Drape The Curtains According To The Roof Designs


Working with curtains is a challenge which is worth the effort. Choosing the right colors of the curtains and the right placement of the hardware plays an important role to make it work as a whole, whether indoor or outdoor. The fact is that if you have ever attempted to drape a window you already know the varied options available today. When it comes to choosing the curtains according to the roof designs it is no different than that. All you need to do is keep these little tips in your mind while draping the curtains:

Ideal Length Of The Curtain

A classic house with shingle roofing to a barn with metal roofing, all they need is a perfect length curtain for every occasion. So, don’t go short unless they are café curtains. To determine the ideal length you don’t need to perform complex calculations. Instead, with the help of a string using the swag depth, drape it the way you want your finished curtain length along with the scarves at each end of the rod. Cut that string and measure it, then get the curtains of that length.

Not Just Curtains Anymore

Rules are not just meant to be followed, they are meant to be broken to make the new ones. So have been the case in the draping industry. Today, curtains are not just only meant to be hung on the wall anymore. The good news is if you have a four-post bed and you want to make it look elegant & sophisticated and also turn it into a bit more private space. Then choose to use heavy drapes around the bed to create a special space in the room. So, if you have a classic shingle roof, do give this style a thought as it is the one trending today a lot.

Blinds And Drapes

The first step to match the curtains and blinds are to, first of all decide the type of blinds you want. There are blinds that go well with drapes such as metal blinds that allows a varying degree of light to pass through or shades that do not allow the light to pass through. They not just only go with the metal roof, but also with the shingle and EPDM roof. With the blinds that allow the light to pass through, opt for a heavier drape to connect all the windows from the tops to add a much desired texture to the room. And, to complement them both use dark colored curtains.

From Inside To The Outside

If you’re looking forward to give your indoor rooms a really dramatic appearance with a modern twist you can opt for drapes that are dark in color. If this makes you feel way more than masculine then look into some flowery drapes that will give a feminine touch to the house. It will make you feel as if you’re living in the arms of the nature.

Or, you can just go with one of the most underestimated color of the drapes, red. This is the one which goes well with all kinds of settings, especially with a barn with metal roofing for the wedding. To add a more breezy feel to it use light, airy and silky sheer white curtains along with it, which can also be used to add immense ambiance and elegance to the porch of the house. Do not be afraid to play with the colors when you choose for the porch, let the summer inside you take over.

Forgetting About the Hardware?

Though it may not initially seem important, but the fact is, it is equally important as the curtains. Therefore, do not underestimate it. The pole and the decorative accessories that you will choose will make a big difference in the design. While adding blind and curtains together make sure to match the blind color with the rod color. With others opt for hardware with matte finish to go with the interior and the roof design to keep the overall look stylish and subtle.

So, if you give the curtains the required attention, they can be so much more than just those simple curtains.