Style Up Your Home With Chic Curtains

Style Up Your Home With Chic Curtains

Home décor means simple-to-do touches that express your style. The color on the walls, the furniture, the accessories and almost everything needs to be in sync with each other, if you want your abode to look perfect. Curtains form an important part of any home decor. They are not just pieces of cloth but they are something that can help in creating a style statement.

  • It all begins with color selection:

Yes, it indeed all begins with the selection of color of the fabric, which will ultimately adorn the doors, and windows of your home. While selecting the color you need to first consider the color on the walls and the room for which you are selecting the blinds. You can go in for subtle colors if you want to keep it simple. For those who like to add some vividness to the decor can opt for vibrant colors. But if you do not intend to change your curtains for a long time, then avoid dark shades as they might fade pretty fast. Lighter shades will not fade and are therefore a better choice.

  • Opting for right fabric holds the key:

The fabric of the blinds is very important. It has to be durable so that it lasts long. You are recommended to go for fabrics, which can be washed away easily in the washing machines. You can find different materials like cotton, net material, silk, faux silk etc. While selecting the fabric you need to make sure that it has the perfect feel. Only then, it will look elegant and eye pleasing. For this the material must neither be too light and nor too heavy. The material must pleat well. To check the fall simply pleat the material and let it fall freely on the floor. You will be able to judge if the fabric has the perfect elegant look.

  • Go for the perfect length and width:

When we say go for the perfect length and width of the curtains it does not mean that they have to be exactly of the same size as that of the window. Depending on the type of look that appeals to your taste you can decide on the length. Longer blinds, usually give a more organized look and the shorter ones reveal a casual look. When you are measuring the height you need to make sure that you consider the position of the hanging rod. Also, while measuring the width, add extra inches on both sides. This serves as dual purpose. It does not allow sunlight to come inside the room when you draw the drapes and when you open them they will not block the glass of the window.


  • The type of rods for hanging your curtains:

Yes, the type of rods that you select for hanging these blinds also matter a lot. These days you have a wide variety of colors available. You can either use a rod, which has the same color or one with contrasting color as that of your drapes. You can also play with the color combination of the hooks and rods. They will add a different charm to the decor.

  • Customized v/s readymade:

There is a wide variety of readymade blinds available. However, you could have a problem adjusting the length and width. You might have to get them altered. Some readymade curtains cannot even be altered. Therefore, customized drapes are a better option. You can get them stitched as per your requirement. But customized blinds could be a bit expensive.

Take into consideration your budget, requirement and room interiors while selecting the curtains. Always remember that these pieces of cloth play a very critical role in home decor. You need to be exceedingly prudent while making the selection. Complement your decor!